Explore the Great Outdoors in Ibiza

People often have a misconception about the Spanish island of Ibiza. They see it as a place that teens and twenty-somethings go to drink and dance their holiday away, and even write it off as a no-go area, because of the reputation of resorts like San Antonio.

And while the bad press that has surrounded towns like San Antonio in the past isn’t exactly undeserved, it’s not a fair representation of the island as a whole. There is plenty of wholesome fun to be had on Ibiza; you just have to know where you’re going to stay and make sure you don’t end up in party central – unless that’s what you’re looking for, of course.

Given that it’s quite a small island, Ibiza has amazingly varied scenery. Of course, there are the fabulous white beaches stretching for kilometres and plenty of small rocky coves, but inland you’ll also find undulating countryside and mountainous areas. The flora and fauna of the island can be spectacular, and the best way to visit the interior is to take a guided walk, where you’ll hear some of the history of the island along the way. You can also head off for a hike armed with a map as there are lots of different trails to explore.

There’s plenty to do on or near the beach as well. You can try just about any water sport you can think of, and there’s plenty of diving to be done here. You can also take the easy option to spend time on the water by booking a boat cruise – an ideal place to watch the sun set at the end of the day.

Off shore, you can take a boat trip to visit the island of Es Verda. It’s only two kilometres from Ibiza, but this is a mysterious place to visit, said to have links with ancient Egypt. Legend also has it that the lost city of Atlantis is below the island of Es Verda, but it’s yet to be proved!

Old town Ibiza is a great place to spend a day, with many cobbled streets to explore and the ramparts of the castle and cathedral to climb. Dalt Vila has UNESCO World Heritage site status and it’s easy to see why. If you climb to the top of the cathedral battlements, you’ll be rewarded with beautiful views out to sea and over the island.

As it’s such a popular destination, you can always book Ibiza flights any time of year, and there are often great bargains to be had. Don’t dismiss Ibiza as a naff party island until you’ve been there for yourself.

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