5 Things to Remember When You Travel With an iPhone

Travelling with gadgets is an absolute necessity for many travelers these days. And when it comes to iPhones nothing can beat them in technology and user friendliness. From getting directions to suggestions about the best restaurants and bars, a smartphone can assist in every way possible. However, it is important to keep a few things in mind when you step out to explore the world with your much loved iPhone.

1. Disable Voicemail:

When out of station, most of the carriers for the iPhone charge you hefty amounts for receiving voice mails. And if you are thinking that not listening to them will save you some bucks, let us warn you that it won’t!

No matter whether you listen to the voice mail or not, every time someone drops a voice mail, you will be charged at international rates. So, to avoid unwanted surprises, disable it completely before you leave for your holiday.

2. Disable data roaming:

Another application which can incur exceptionally high charges is data roaming. Internet enabled application on your iPhone can cost you extensively, even before you realize. Even a simple application like email or browsing can cost you truckloads of money. Thus it is better to disable data roaming before you start your journey. The good news is there are ways by which you can still use GPS navigation whenever needed.

And if you can’t avoid using data roaming, do remember to stop the automatic updates as automatic checking for new mails in every few minutes will fetch you exceptionally high charges.

3. Use flight mode whenever you can:

Why burden yourself with an mp3 player or a camera when you have an iPhone? However unnecessary calls on roaming can act as a damper. So the best way is to keep your iPhone on flight mode when you are not expecting any important call. This will save your phone’s battery which you can use for other purposes. You can activate Wi-Fi even in flight mode. This will allow you to use internet without excessive charges for data roaming.

4. Set a passcode:

It might not take you more than a few seconds to set a new passcode for your iPhone but it will prevent a lot of your important data from reaching the hands of some stranger. After setting a passcode you can turn ON the option of erasing the iPhone in case of 10 consecutive wrong passcodes. You need not worry as a simple restore from back up will bring all your data back.

5. Sync your iPhone before you leave:

Sync your iPhone to your computer just a few hours before leaving for your trip. If in case you lose any data during your trip or if you are required to reset your handset, you can use the data from your computer for a quick back up.

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