Reasonably Priced Places to Stay in Jamaica

Holidays in Jamaica don’t come without music and laughter, along with the sea and local food visitors get an unforgettable vacation experience. As one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Jamaica is also a very popular place to find the sun when there’s snow and ice at home in the UK!

There is a general misconception that a holiday on this fabulous island will be very expensive and out of reach for many people. However, this is not true, since a little bit of research and effort can provide some cheap options for boarding and lodging in Jamaica, without exceeding your holiday budget.

Have a look at Jamaica holidays with Thomson to compare flights that are available this season and see the following accommodation options available on the island.

All Inclusive Resorts & Hotels

These resorts abound in Jamaica, and they offer good packages where all the boarding and lodging costs, and other related costs are covered. During the off-season, they offer very good rates, and their excellent locations work in their favour. The resorts are generally well-equipped with all the amenities required by visitors. For a family enjoying a holiday in Jamaica, these resorts are a good option, since food costs are always a major expense for families.


There are many bed and breakfast options available in all parts of Jamaica. The prices range from 20 GBP upwards. Most of these cheaper alternatives offer a decent room and a simple breakfast. It is important to make sure that the location is not too far away from the beach (Seven Mile Beach in Negril is unmissable!). Otherwise, the transportation expenses may turn out to be a bit too high for some people.

Among the over 150 B&Bs listed on the net, look for places that have received good reviews, and make sure that the final cost includes all taxes and other charges. These bed and breakfast places provide a warm and relaxing atmosphere, and most of them have only a couple of rooms, ensuring a relaxing atmosphere.

Budget Hotels and Inns

Slightly larger in size and with better facilities, the inns and budget hotels in Jamaica are also among the more reasonably priced options available. The number of rooms may not be many, and they may be some distance away from Jamaica’s famous beaches.

However, most of these inns are built with international travellers in mind. Clean, efficient and beautifully constructed – these inns offer you a unique Jamaican experience. There are many restaurants located close by; hence, finding reasonably priced meals is never a problem.

Special Deals

There are many places that offer special deals, especially if you are in a group or holidaying with your family. Look for the BYOG special – one grandparent stays free with every paying adult, sharing a room; with some deals that allow children up to a certain age to stay for free.

Many resorts and hotels offer an extra night free if a package is booked. Off-season rates are always lower than the season rates; and often if a package is booked through an agent, then they offer rates that are much less than those which are advertised.

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