Latest Trends on Restaurants

Several trends are making a huge impact on the world of restaurants. These include a plant-based menu, robots in the kitchen, self-ordering kiosks, and shorter menus. These trends are shaping the future of the restaurant industry. Learn about the latest restaurant trends at restaurants in Grand Cayman and get ready to adapt to them!

Plant-based Menus

Restaurants are starting to offer more plant-based menu items. These include pizza, pasta, salads, grains, and blended drinks. They can even be found in appetizers, like chickpea fritters and guacamole. This trend is not limited to American cuisine; you can also find plant-based options on the menus of many global chains.

Vegetables are a great place to start. For example, cauliflower can be used as a pizza crust or a substitute for rice. You can also serve plant-based meats with salads. You can also create a grain bowl with high-protein grains and vegetables.

Self-Ordering Kiosks

Using self-ordering kiosks can improve the service that you provide to your customers. They are also an intelligent way to boost your business. A self-ordering booth can increase your profit by promoting cross-selling and higher-value orders.

These kiosks typically include a tablet or touchscreen showing your menu and guiding you through the ordering process. They can also display promotions and other modifiers you can add to your menu.

Shorter Menus

With the economy struggling, many restaurants are scaling back their menus. Once known for their comprehensive, elaborate offerings, they are reducing their offerings to their best-selling items. The trend is likely to last for years. In addition to helping cut food costs and food waste, short menus can improve food quality.

The trend is reflected in the menu design of many new restaurants. Many pop-up restaurants and single-item restaurants have minimalist menus. This menu design has inspired larger food chains to follow suit.

Robotics in the Kitchen

The benefits of robotics in the kitchen in restaurants are clear: they can increase efficiency and help keep the kitchen clean without relying on humans. While some worry that robots will replace human labor and put restaurant employees out of work, makers of robotic systems for restaurants say that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

Another benefit of robotics is that it can make food more affordable for consumers. Food costs are high in traditional restaurants. This is due to labor costs, which consume between 24 and 40 percent of revenue. In addition, robotics in the kitchen can reduce human error and interaction. These systems use advanced artificial intelligence to monitor the environment of food storage containers in real-time.

Higher Wages

A recent report shows that overall wages have returned to the pre-pandemic level, and restaurant pay is expected to increase further in the coming months. However, restaurant prices are rising slower than consumer prices, and businesses aren’t passing on these costs to their customers. Despite the higher costs, many cities’ restaurant traffic is at or above pre-pandemic levels.

According to the Washington Post, wage growth in the restaurant industry has been the fastest since the early 1980s. As of May, the average wage for workers in the industry is over $15 an hour. In addition, data from Snagajob and Black Box Intelligence show a 10% wage increase in the second quarter. On average, menu prices are also expected to rise by about 4% through 2021.

Podcasts as a Form of Entertainment

Podcasts are a great way to entertain diners and educate them about the latest trends in the restaurant business. They’re easily accessible through several apps and can be easily subscribed for further listening. Users can search for different topics and browse various shows to find something they like.

You can also download songs directly from a website for a cost. However, you should ensure that the site has permission to use the music before you begin your podcast. Some sources allow unlimited downloads, while others charge a small monthly fee. Some seeds require you to pay a license fee to use their music.

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