A pup’s Christmas wish:

Dear Santa,

It is my very first Christmas with my new family and I have been a good pup all year long. I stopped leaving my toys around the house, chasing the neighbor’s cat and am completely house trained. With all these good deeds, I’m hoping for a special treat this year.

For my first Christmas, I would like to go on vacation. Where? Well, my people were reading the Sunday paper and I learned about this place in Michigan that is perfect for dogs like me. Santa, can you send my family and me to Grand Traverse Resort & Spa and their “Dog House-The Ultimate Dog Retreat?” It’s the coolest place ever! I’ll have a whole house to explore, other dogs and toys to play with, and best of all, no crates! I get filtered water too, so no drinking out of the toilet for me.

While my family stays at Grand Traverse, they can come by and see me whenever we want, since my place is open 24-hours. Oh, and don’t worry Santa, there are people there to feed me and play games with me.

I know this may be your first letter from a dog, so I have included the website for you to learn more about The Ultimate Dog Retreat and Grand Traverse Resort & Spa at www.grandtraverseresort.com

Thanks so much Santa, I’ll leave some of my treats out for you!


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