6 Loved Attractions on Rhine Cruises

From beautiful cities to charming castles, the sights you’ll see on river cruises along the Rhine are truly magnificent. As one of Europe’s most important rivers, the Rhine runs from the Netherlands through Germany and France, all the way to the southern reaches of Switzerland.

Join us as we take you on a tour of six of the Rhine’s most visited attractions, all of which can be experienced on a wonderful Rhine cruise.

1. Cologne

Germany’s fourth-largest city is one of history, culture, and modern business. As one of Germany’s tourism hotspots, Cologne boasts hundreds of things to do, including a wonderful city centre renowned for its shopping and a charming cable car. Many of the cruises along the Rhine embark from this cosmopolitan hotspot of a city.

2. Koblenz

As one of the few German cities to truly wrap around the Rhine, Koblenz is a scenic wonderland. With just over 100,000 residents, this charming city is far from big, but its wonderful historical buildings and rich culture make it a rewarding city to visit.

3. Strasbourg

With a city centre that’s protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a charming variety of inner city parks, Strasbourg is one of France’s most underrated cities. Just over the border from Germany, this beautiful city is a popular stop on Rhine cruises.

4. Bonn

Bonn is one of Germany’s most historically important modern cities. The capital of the Federal Republic of Germany prior to the country’s reunification, this city has a wealth of historical sites. Explore the inner city on foot and stop to view the Palais Schaumburg, the 17th century University Main Building, and the Kreuzbergkirche.

5. Rheinstein Castle

Constructed in the early 14th century, Rheinstein Castle is one of the oldest castles along the Rhine. The castle itself is built along the edge of the river valley, offering an incredible view of the Rhine region that, during the castle’s heyday, was vital in helping local forces observe the river for threats.

6. Assmannshausen

Known for its exceptionally good local wines, Assmannshausen is one of the Rhine region’s most famous small towns. With a population of just 980, this vibrant town may not offer the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Cologne, but it does offer a uniquely German small town experience that’s hard to find elsewhere in the country.

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