Memorable Scenes: Oahu Sunrise & Sunset Spots

It does not matter where you come from; If you go to Oahu and observe the endless streaks of Pacific Blue, you’ll feel like you’re at the forefront of the world. As you will soon discover, the sun has found a place to demonstrate its true power on the horizon of this magical place. Sunrise and sunset are fascinating sites that you want to enjoy as often as possible. While it’s easy to take them from your hotel to Honolulu, here are some views that will help you make the most of your trip.

Diamond Head Crater

Dominating the landscape of beautiful Waikiki means one thing for this dormant volcano of Honolulu Tuff Cone: a perfect view from the summit. If you are hoping for an afternoon stroll but want to be close to the Aqua Waikiki Pearl and other hotels, then Diamond Head is a great place to enjoy the sunset.

Mount Tantalum

With views of Honolulu inland, Mount Tantalus is one of Oahu’s most famous lookouts. With its panoramic view of the island, it would be difficult to find a better place for a sunrise or a sunset. Instead of hiking, you can drive to a place that suits your needs. Make sure your camera is ready when the time is right!

Kualoa National Park

For a simple but elegant sunrise, head to Kualoa Beach Park, east of the island. With its skyline disturbed only by the hat of Chinaman (a beautiful sight for yourself), you will be able to admire the signs of the light coming from the comfort of the sand. Behind you is the Ko’olau mountain range, which can be recognized by famous Hollywood films.

Whether traveling alone or with your family on their first trip to the islands and watching the sun go by in its magic, you’ll never forget it!

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