When the Perfect Trip Goes Awry

This is it! You have painstakingly planned the Perfect Trip to New York City. You have found the best Airbnb, the right car rental place, and have lined up tickets for every show and form of entertainment you wanted to partake in. You even have the perfect budget that allows you to dine on a variety of food that the city could offer. You arrive at the airport, get your rental car, and head to the Airbnb. Then the unthinkable happens. You and your family are in a car accident when a driver runs a red light. Now what? Your brain is already flooded with concerns about physical health and now you have had your perfect trip blemished by someone else’s actions. Although you may be panicked, there are certain things you should do to ensure the best possible outcome.

Call the Police

It doesn’t matter if the driver clipped you and created minimal damage, call the police. You want this accident documented. It can help you with your rights to repairs to your car and medical bills covered. Should you need one, a personal injury lawyer in NYC will want to see your police report!

Swap Info

While waiting for the police, and assuming the driver didn’t flee the premises, take the time to swap insurance and contact information. You will need it for your claims, without it you can be stuck. If the driver refuses to give you the information, don’t stress out. The police will be asking for the same information when they arrive as it will go on the report. However, do not rely solely on that police report. Take the time to try and get the info first as police reports can be filed incorrectly and you may be without important info.

Seek Medical Care

Immediately after an accident, those involved are running on adrenaline. This means that you may feel fine, maybe a bit shaky but no signs of pain anywhere. Whenever the police are called for a car accident, EMT’s are dispatched. Take the time to see them. While you are running on your body’s natural response, they can tell if you have sustained a head injury or even whiplash. Whiplash is notorious for not showing up until the next day! So let those medical professionals look you over. If they tell you that you appear fine but do a follow up the next day, heed their advice and get the follow-up. If they suggest you go to the hospital right away, go! This is not the time to think that your body is being honest with you and that you are okay. It will also play a part if you need to seek out disability later on down the road.

Call a Lawyer

Wherever the accident occurs is where any legal situation should be dealt with. Even if the driver was a sweet old woman who promises to pay your medical bills and send you a cherry pie for your birthday, get a lawyer. While riding that adrenaline high, some people are more prone to making decisions that they haven’t thought through because they just want it over and done with. Always speak with a lawyer. Since the accident occurs in New York City, a personal injury lawyer in that area will be required. They know the laws in the state well and are licensed to practice in that state. You hire someone else from somewhere else and you could find things go badly for you.

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