Getting Away From it All: Relaxing Breaks in the UK

Seeking a scenic weekend trip? Longing to escape city life for a relaxing break in a charming small town? Searching for an English getaway that’s equal parts history, serenity, and modern living?

Read on to discover three relaxing break destinations in the UK, courtesy of South Lakeland Holidays. From Scottish cities to beautiful English countryside, these three destinations have something great for any type of visitor to enjoy.


While the City of Bath has only been a World Heritage Site since 1987, this destination has been attracting visitors since the first century AD. A spa town during the Roman era, Bath is known for its picturesque scenery, its wonderful small town atmosphere, and its incredible array of cultural attractions for a city of its size.

A short drive from London, Bath is a remarkable city to visit. Stop by in the evening for an entertaining show and a delicious meal. Enjoy the city during the day in one of its many wonderful parks and gardens. Finally, look through some of Bath’s famous Roman buildings, including the well-known Roman Baths complex.

The Lake District

Known for its scenery, its beautiful towns, and its remarkable tranquillity, the Lake District is one of the UK’s top relaxing break destinations. From Windermere and its charming pubs to Kendal’s grey-stone buildings, the Lake District offers a wonderful experience for those willing to dive into its beautiful landscapes and rich history.

Enjoy some of England’s best walking trails as you scale mountains and walk along the country’s largest lakes. Relax in some of the country’s most charming towns as you enjoy delectable local treats. Finally, drive on some of the country’s best roads as you travel through a region that’s enchanted generation after generation.


From Edinburgh Castle to the wonderful view from Calton Hill, Edinburgh is one of the UK’s most beautiful cities. Despite being a modern, working city, Edinburgh has more to offer for history buffs than many of the UK’s scenic small towns.

The charming Old Town, which was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995, is one of the UK’s most picturesque areas. Stroll through Edinburgh during the early afternoon and you’ll find yourself snapping photos of almost every other building.

Judged the UK’s most desirable place to live in 2009, Edinburgh is a great weekend break destination. Pack your bags and plan a walk along the Water of Leith, which runs through the centre of the city and showcases Edinburgh’s scenic suburbs.

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