Self Catering vs. All Inclusive Holiday Accommodations in Pollensa

All throughout the year we plan for our holidays and when the time finally arrives there is a huge decision to make. Should we book a self-catering cottage or give in to luxury and stay in a 5-star hotel such as those found in Majorca? Although it is thought that self-catering accommodations are less expensive than all inclusive holiday packages at hotels Pollensa, there are several ‘flaws’ with this line of reasoning. It may be possible to save a bit of money when booking a self-catering cottage or hotel room, but this isn’t always the case and there are actually quite a few benefits to be had with all inclusive holidays.

Taking that Much Needed Break

Most people go on holiday to take a break from the drudgery of working day after day and week after week. This is especially true of families that have children and both parents work outside the home. Five days a week it’s hurry here and scurry there with hardly a moment to relax for a spot of tea, and forget about watching telly during the work week! There simply isn’t time. Meals need to be prepared, dishes and laundry are waiting to be seen to and the young ones need to be on about their homework. Who would want to go on a holiday only to spend time cooking meals and tidying up instead of seeing some fabulous sights and tasting delectable local cuisine?

When Cost Is an Issue

As mentioned, cost may play an important role when going on a holiday because, to be honest, most people just don’t have the disposable income they did a few short years ago. Sometimes holidaymakers are astonished to find that they actually spend more money when booking self-catering accommodations for one simple fact. The main ‘savings’ travellers look to realise is towards the cost of food, but preparing meals at a self-catering cottage can cost more money than eating out. Why? If you question this, remember that the cupboards will be barer than Old Mother Hubbard’s when you arrive. You will need to buy everything from spices to condiments and everything in between. This can add up quickly as evidenced by weekly grocery receipts at home.

When going on holiday, whether to Majorca or Brazil, keep in mind the reason you are going. If you are travelling for work, there will be little time to cook and clean. If you are taking a much needed break and enjoying a ‘real’ holiday, who wants to fuss with cooking and cleaning? The best tip anyone can give you when planning your next holiday is to realise you are there to enjoy the local sights, sounds and tastes. There is minimal difference in price, but what you gain in relaxation and enjoyment is invaluable when going the all inclusive route. After all, you deserve to pamper yourself and your family at least once a year. Enjoy it while you can.

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