Seychelles is a young republic, situated in the Indian Ocean, just north of Madagascar. The islands have been inhabited since the 1700s. It was originally colonized by the French, though the islands were later ceded to England. The nation gained its independence in 1976 and has become an incredibly popular destination for those seeking a tropical getaway.

More than 115 islands and islets make up the Seychelles archipelago; the Inner Islands are granitic, while the Outer Islands are largely comprised of coral atolls and reefs. The islands lie nestled in the heart of pristine azure waters and are home to numerous species of wildlife, as well as spectacular sandy beaches. So, what can a visitor expect to do in Seychelles?

Aride Island Nature Reserve – This stunning nature reserve is home to more than 1 million different seabirds. Numerous species of plants, animals and birds are endemic to the island; offering visitors a chance to glimpse some of the rarest of species. The only boat allowed to land on Aride Island is the one operated by the park service.
Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception – This stunning cathedral was one of the first churches in the islands and is the seat of the Seychelles Diocese. The cathedral makes a beautiful sight, even for those without religious convictions and is an excellent historical site in the islands.

Curieuse Marine National Park – This incredible island marine park offers visitors the sight of giant humphead parrotfish, giant tortoises, mangrove forests, coco-de-mer trees and more. A visit to the Doctor’s House is an experience in unique architecture and history, while the Coral Garden offers astounding diving, as does Pointe Rouge. A sea turtle museum, ruins of a leper colony and more sights await the intrepid adventurer.

Vallee De Mai – This incredible primeval forest was once believed to be the original Garden of Eden. Visitors will find more than 6000 coco-de-mer trees, as well as six species of palm tree endemic to the island. The endangered Black Parrot is found here and few other places in the world, while visitors will enjoy tours through the area, and up close looks at the stunning beauty of the forest.

A visit to Seychelles is an experience that will not be forgotten. Whether you choose to relax on the beach, dive the pristine waters or venture to any of the national parks and reserves, you will enjoy your visit to the utmost.

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