Spectacular Spring Skiing: Vacation Tips for the Utah Slopes

Before that mid-winter fatigue even has a chance to settle in, get the excitement levels up to high again by planning a ski vacation for the spring.
Ski vacations are a great way for the family to enjoy some quality time together and when you consider the health benefits of getting some exercise outdoors as well, it is definitely a trip that everyone will be looking forward to.

Here are some tips and ideas to help you book the perfect spring skiing adventure and head off to the Utah slopes.

Book your accommodation

The first part of the planning is not as daunting as it might sound.

Utah has a wide range of different places to stay in and you can find some great rental condos through online resources like ResortPropertyManagement.com, so get your place to stay with the family sorted first and everything else should drop more easily into place once you know where you are going to be based.

If you can be flexible on your timings, you might be able to get a better deal by going mid-week, and by heading for the slopes in spring, you should still also be able to enjoy good skiing conditions as well as some late-season prices.

Get your lift tickets in advance

There are two big advantages to getting your lift tickets and passes sorted before you leave home.

The first on is that you will be able to head straight for the lift and avoid the queues when you arrive at the ski resort, and the second advantage is that you will often be able to get a good deal when you purchase tickets online in advance.

Also keep a look out for the EpicPass sales that come around in early March, which can be useful if you know that you are going to be coming back again the following year.

Feeding the family

If you are going to be staying in a condo and taking care of your own catering, this can save a lot of money and needn’t be too much of a challenge.

Stock up on some really easy and inexpensive meals and for feeding a crowd of hungry kids and adults with ease, some frozen lasagne portions won’t need you to spend too much time in the kitchen but will provide a good hearty meal after the day’s skiing has come to an end.

Also be prepared with plenty of juice boxes, chips and dips as well as yogurt and granola for breakfast. Feeding the family won’t take a lot of time or money if you prepare in advance, so it is well worth planning how you are going to feed the family while you are away.

Don’t forget ski school

Ski school and nursery facilities are part of what makes a ski vacation work, so make sure you book your places in advance.

Limited slots and availability are common features to a lot of ski resorts, so pre-book your lessons and times well in advance so that you don’t miss out.

Helen Humphrey is a self-confessed skiing fanatic of many years. When she’s not zooming down the slopes, she’s writing about it online. You can find her informative posts on various websites and blogs.

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