The 7 Types of Russian Honey, Specialties to Buy the Right one!

Honey is one of the most cost-effective Russian souvenirs.

But what else is worth buying from Russia?

As we all know, Russians have no resistance to sweets, and they love honey as much as they do. It is no wonder that they love it so much, because Russian honey is the best honey in the world, both in terms of appearance and taste and nutrition.

Russia has some of the best honey producing regions in the northern hemisphere (such as the Far East, the Caucasus, etc.) and bee species (Far Eastern bees, Caucasian black fronds, etc.).

Russia has a strict food safety management and conscience in the food industry, every step of the way, from the bee farm to the filling and from the filling to the place of sale.

Honey can be consumed in various ways. The quality of honey is best reflected in simple honey water. Add a spoonful of honey in the water, stir it slightly and the fragrance of honey spreads in the water. From the moment of entrance, the sweet and unctuous taste fills the whole mouth, then smoothly, without the slightest resistance, it slides into the throat, with a rich honey flavor until it enters the belly. Since I tried the honey water once, I could never quit.

So which one to buy?

We have collected for you the top 7 types of Russian honey and their effects, so you can buy the right honey for the right people!

Top 7 types of Russian honey

Buckwheat honey Гречишный мед

Buckwheat honey is one of the best honeys, ranging in color from dark yellow to dark brown, produced from buckwheat bushes.

Efficacy: this honey contains more trace elements and amino acids compared to light-colored honey and is very effective in treating anemia, high blood pressure, foot odor, stomatitis, gastritis, skin-like diseases, as well as in strengthening protein metabolism.

Lime honey Липовый мед

Lime tree honey has a crystal amber color, or lighter, with a light sweet aroma and delicate taste. This honey has high requirements both for the place where the bees are raised and for the bee species, etc. The linden honey produced by black bees from the Far East and the Caucasus is the best.

Efficacy: This honey is good for angina, bronchitis, asthma, laryngitis, rhinitis, kidney, spleen, stomach and intestinal diseases, in addition, it is useful for burns and wound recovery.

Robinia honey Акациевый мед

Acacia honey is a high quality honey with relatively high yield. One hectare of blooming acacia flowers can yield 1500 kg of honey, which is about 8 kg per tree on average.

Efficacy: This honey is relatively light in color, high in glucose and fructose, has a good restorative effect, helps to recover from diseases of the stomach, kidneys and nervous system, and can slow down insomnia.

Broom heather honey Вересковый мед

Broom heather honey has a slightly bitter and astringent taste, its color ranges from dark yellow to reddish-brown, it is the most viscous of all honeys, at its thickest it resembles jelly, but a lot of bubbles form in the middle.

Efficacy: This honey has a high mineral content and is effective for loss of appetite and cardiovascular diseases, as well as helping with the care of the nervous system.

Chestnut honey Каштановый мед

Chestnut honey is a thick, dark honey with a bitter taste and a pleasant sweetness in its bitterness. It crystallizes very slowly and has antibacterial properties. Chestnut honey produced in Altai, Kuban and Adya is better.

Donkey bean honey Эспарцетовый мед

Donkey bean honey is relatively transparent, light amber in color, fragrant atmosphere, moderately sweet. Crystallization is very slow and turns white after crystallization. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, enzymes needed by the body, etc.

Effects: Remarkable restorative function, has a soothing effect on the nervous system and strengthens capillaries.

Herbaceous rhinoceros honey Донниковый мед

Grass rhinoceros honey is more colorful, from light amber to white, with a sweet taste, sweet with a slightly bitter taste. It gives off a vanilla odor.

Efficacy: It is effective for intestinal problems, venous diseases, vasodilatation, metabolic abnormalities, etc. It has a sedative effect and is a good remedy to relieve insomnia. Its propolis can also be applied externally to alleviate wounds, sprains, bruises, etc.

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