The Bahamas: The North American Paradise

When we think of travelling to North America, we usually consider the USA and Canada as potential destinations.

But there are fascinating places just on the edges of the bigger nations of North America. One of these locations, the Bahamas, has recently seen a steady increase in visitor numbers.

This popularity is not surprising when you begin to take in the amazing variety of experiences on offer on the islands.

The following article will aim to find out more about the beauty and travel opportunities on and around this blissful island group.

Travel in and around the Bahamas

The Bahamas is an archipelago consisting of over 700 islands. The most westerly islands of the Caribbean nation are just 50 miles from the tip of Florida in the USA.

To make the most of a travel experience around the islands it would be useful to BorrowABoat. Finding suitable travel on the waters around the islands will offer a fantastic experience for all visitors.

To Charter a Yacht in the Bahamas is simple. Travellers can detail exactly what sort of craft they require and how long they will be in the Bahamian region. They can then make the most of a brilliant aquatic adventure.

Why Visit the Bahamas?

A major reason for many travellers choosing the Bahamas for a holiday jaunt is the weather. The islands are home to a consistently pleasant warm temperature all year round.

The tranquil beaches of the islands are superb for sunbathing and swimming in the ocean. With sunny weather throughout the year, travellers can revel in the glorious pink sands of the famous beaches.

The capital of the Bahamas, Nassau, offers a treat for visitors keen to know more about the island’s history. Known as ‘Pirate Island’, Nassau was once used as a hideout for sea-faring buccaneers.

Today, this history can be recalled in the island’s Pirate Museum, a fascinating place to learn more of the island’s swashbuckling past.

The exquisite cuisine of the Bahamas is another enticing reason to visit. Bahamian food draws on influences from the American south, West Africa, Central America and beyond.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, seafood forms an important part of the dishes served in the Bahamas. A fresh catch of fish and seafood is a daily essential for many of the cafés and restaurants on the islands.

The conch, a shelled sea creature, is a particularly popular option for local chefs. The shellfish can be served up in salads, soups and even pizza.

Added to this are the stunning variety of herbs and spices that flavour the meals. The delicious local ingredients mean that visitors to the islands are extremely unlikely to find any bland or undistinguished meals.
A key ingredient for colourful and tasty drinks is also provided by the tropical fruits growing on the islands.

Papaya, or paw-paw, is a famous Bahamian fruit used in desserts, chutneys and cocktails. It is one of the many ways that local chefs highlight a fantastic array of dining options.

Enjoy Island-hopping adventure

Travelling around the many islands of the Bahamas is a big reason why so many people visit.

Although there are hundreds of islands in the archipelago, only around 30 are inhabited. By hiring a boat, it is perfectly possible to sail from one to the next.

The capital, Nassau, is the main port of call to travel to the other islands. One of them is the centrally located Cat Island. Believed to have been named after the pirate Arthur Catt, the island is one of the lesser-known inhabited islands.

Cat Island is home to the highest point in the Bahamas, the 206-foot-tall Mount Alvernia. The hill offers marvellous views of the island and is topped by a remote hermitage. Built in 1939 by a priest, it is now open for visitors to explore.

A short boat trip away are the famous swimming pigs of Exuma. One of the more unusual sights in the Bahamas, visitors flock to the island to spot the water-borne creatures. Once there, tourists can also wade in and swim with the porcine explorers.

Shopping and partying

The Bahamas includes a wonderful selection of markets, shops and craft stalls where visitors can purchase local products. Anyone looking for colourful mementoes of their trip will be able to discover a treasure trove of handmade artisanal fare.

Visitors keen to party are also well served by the islands. The annual Junkanoo Carnival takes place across the Bahamas and also over the wider expanse of the Caribbean.

The carnival brings the best island musicians to centre-stage, where locals and visitors dance the days and nights away. Usually scheduled from the end of April to the beginning of May, the carnival is a key cultural event.

The popular carnival street parades show off the pageantry, music and dances of island culture. The final part of the carnival in Nassau, Road Fever, attracts over 50,000 people each year.

Travelling in and around the islands of the Bahamas offers visitors a captivating experience.

Often remembered as the trip of a lifetime, a holiday to the islands offers countless opportunities to explore, discover and enjoy.

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