There Once Was a Man in Nantucket

There once was a man in Nantucket – actually he was there on a weekend stop on his way through the coastal region, but oh my, the things he found to do. Not only was it a beautiful island to look at, he found there were a number of exciting and unexpected things to do as well. In fact, he was so thrilled with his time there for that one single weekend that the man plans to come back for other seasons, too.

There are three main seasons for Nantucket, and the traffic in and out of the Nantucket Hotels will reflect that. The high season, which runs through the summer months all the way to Labor Day is when the island is the most crowded. That was when our traveler found himself there, riding a bike around the beautiful beaches and coastline. And that is also when he found one of the most unique things, something he never knew was going on in Nantucket or the surrounding area. The traveler, who usually came to the northeast for the fall colors, found out there were surfing adventures to be had in Nantucket! He was completely shocked by that fact.

There are surfing camps which teach the basics of surfing to beginners as well as leading guided surf tours they call “surfaris” to those who have some surfing experience. People who wish can try the stand up paddle boards (SUP), and there’s even board yoga for the bravest.

The area offers less adventurous things to do as well. Biking allows for more careful exploration of the island and unplanned stops along the way. Imagine that you pack a picnic lunch, toss it into a backpack and hop on a rented bicycle for the day, pausing only when you are tired, hungry or just need a break. However nice biking is during the high season, the island is pretty busy during that time.

It might be even better to wait for the “shoulder season”, which is spring and fall, because the crowds won’t be as thick and the weather will be a bit more temperate. Nature is also showing off during those times of the year, with new spring buds and the flurry of colors in the fall.

The traveler found a number of things to do while he was there but plans to come back to Nantucket for the “low” season. In island parlance, the low season is in the winter months when few people venture to the area. Those who do come are treated to the old world charm of the holidays in the Northeast, almost like traveling back in time to a quaint village.

For people who are less active, there are more transportation options than biking, year around. In addition to a shuttle bus from surrounding areas, you can also rent a car or take one of the taxis that populate the island.

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