Five Things You Can Only Do in London

Every city has its own attractions others don’t have. But London, in particular, is different. There are unique experiences that can only be had in London, the home of the royals, the Big Smoke, the capital city of UK, and what not. No doubt, you will visit the “only in London” attractions like London Zoo, London Eye and Shard. But don’t limit your London holiday to these touristy places as the city has a lot more in store for you. Why not try some of these things that cannot be experienced nowhere but in London.

Walk Under a River

So you’ve walked along the river with your beloved, crossed the river driving over Tower Bridge, and even took a speed boat ride on Thames. But that’s not all. There’s one thing still left to do…and that is, walk under the river. And when we say it, we don’t mean visiting a local aquarium. There are other ways to explore the underworld. The Greenwich Foot Tunnel runs 50 feet beneath the Thames, from Isle of Dogs to Cutty Sark.

Board the Hogwarts’ Express

Who doesn’t want to board the Hogwarts’ Express like Harry Potter? It’s the dream of every child. There is a platform no. 9 ¾ at Kings Cross Station in London. You may not get the chance to enter the magical realm of Harry Potter but you can surely get a picture of you with the trolley halfway through the wall. In fact, many London locations have been used in the making of Harry Potter series. Leadenhall Market featured as Diagon Alley in Harry Potter. Or you can walk on London Millennium Bridge which was shown as falling apart in the opening sequence of Harry Potter and half Blood Prince.

Live like Royals

Who doesn’t want to feel like royalty? Visit Buckingham Palace, the official residence of the Queen of England, an experience available only in London! Home to 775 rooms bedecked to perfection, the Palace remains open to visitors during the summer months so now is the best time to visit London. Or walk down the aisle at Westminster Abbey where countless royals have been wedded and crowned. However, if you really want to live like royalty, has several luxury hotels in London listed that kings and queens have graced with their presence. The Goring Hotel where Kate Middleton stayed before her wedding day adorns London like a jewel in the crown. Or you can even book a luxurious royalty package at Rubens at the Palace and The Chesterfield Mayfair.

Inspect the World’s Oldest Insect

A specimen which has been sitting in Natural History museum for more than 60 years is now established as world’s oldest fossil insects. It reminds of John Hammond’s mosquito cane in Jurassic Park movie. Natural History Museum is in fact home to Mammals with its remarkable model blue whale and a Dinosaur gallery, highly popular amongst kids. The Central Hall houses the iconic Diplodocus skeleton. Every year, around 5 million visitors are welcomed in the premises of the museum.

Follow Jack the Ripper’s Traces

Follow in the footsteps the most well-known serial killer in the human history, Jack the Ripper. The guided tour will let you explore the most gruesome tale of Whitechapel murders, whose mysteries are still mysterious even to this day. Visit East London locations where the notorious killer committed his crimes. If you’re visiting London during Halloween, nothing is better than that.

These are the things that make London “unique” and different from other cities in the world. Don’t miss to try these things you can only do in London.

Sonam Chawla shares her travel tips and her own experiences on various travel websites and blogs. Travelling is her passion and she loves spreading new and unusual things to explore in various cities to help other travellers.

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