Things to do in Perth in 2023

Australia’s only capital city on the Indian Ocean oozes confidence. Explore Perth’s hip wine bars and sunny beaches, spectacular green parks and glittering skyscrapers, funky neighborhoods and beautiful colonial architecture.

There is lot of things to do in Perth like Sandy beaches line its suburbs and the huge, riverside Kings Park and Botanic Garden on Mt. Eliza offer sweeping views of the city.

Things to do in Perth

Western Australian Museum – Perth

It’s an interesting and well-presented museum. There are lots of things to do in Perth, as always a great experience and easy place to get around no matter what interests you. There are a lot of interactive displays and video presentations. The Western Australian Museum in Perth truly there are lots of things to do in Perth for everyone. From informative virtual tours to admiring the beautiful building, the museum is a wonderland. The Perth Museum is a must see, it has everything from insects to rocks to virtual tours. The children and adults will like wondering.

Kings Park & Botanic Garden

Things to do in Perth, Beautiful place a must to visit if you come to Perth, large crowds as it is a very popular site. The lake with its Jurassic links and helpful inscriptions is a delight and ideal for family groups. The park appears to be well maintained. It is a photographer’s paradise. A visit to this place is well worth the time spent. The view of the skyline of Perth is amazing. Even in winter, the botanical garden is fascinating. It is a peaceful place to sit down and enjoy.

Things to do in Perth

Swan River

Perth City Foreshore is one of the ‘must see’ locations to fully enjoy. Things to do in Perth, it is one of the best for walk/ jogs/rides that you can find in any metropolis in the city. Swan River is one of the Highlights of Perth. Take the ferry from Elizabeth Quay to South Perth and you will be rewarded with a fantastic place to walk right along the swan river. There are many grassed areas, cafes and cycle paths. You can’t visit Perth without seeing the lovely Swan River. There are quite a few dolphins too; this is always a great sight. It makes Perth such a pretty place, particularly when the weather is nice.

The Perth Mint

There are many Things to do in Perth, Mint. This is a great place to visit in Perth and it’s usually full of kids and Chinese visitors, so make sure to book your tour in advance, otherwise, you might wait a bit. The tour includes gold bar pouring demonstration. The tour is well worth doing and the gold pour is great to watch. There are many interesting facts to learn in Perth Mint. There is a Plenty of peoples are coming and going in Perth Mint. There are lots of things to do in Perth mostly for kids.

St. Mary’s Cathedral

It’s a wonderful building standing grand at the tops of a hill in the middle of Victoria square. The modern extension and grounds have been cleverly blended which makes it unique. There are many things to do in Perth; you can really feel the calming atmosphere, even if you’re just walking outside the church. This is a must see place to go if you are in Perth. It’s a beautiful spot to meditate and pray and the extensions are quite beautiful and fit in well with the old part of the Cathedral.


SciTech is mainly for youngsters, one of the best places in Perth to take your children’s. Full of hands on activities and also provides a theatre with science shows as well as a planetarium. There is a small cafe on site. There are also additional shows like the Puppet Theater. This museum is an easy way for kids to spend 2-3 hrs. There are always a lot of things to do in Perth like an exhibition. If you have a couple of hours free, it is worth a visit. It’s very interesting interactive displays and demonstrations for all ages. Best to take your own lunch there is no food shop inside the SciTech.

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