Top 5 Must-Visit Hidden Gems In Europe

Europe may be the second smallest continent in the world but it offers an entire spectrum of stunning and beautiful spots to visit and to experience this is on every globetrotter’s wishlist. The excitement of seeing some stunning sights, discovering the diverse culture and traditions, savoring the mouth watering cuisines and some thrilling adventures all along make Europe one of the most loved travel destinations.

Apart from the popular and most visited places like Dublin, Paris, Rome etc. there are a plethora of unexplored hidden gems which should not be missed by any traveler. Online platforms like Holidu are your best bet to discover such offbeat places and make your bookings for your next trip.

Some places you could possibly include in your bucket list are given below:

1. Locorotondo, Puglia in Italy

Perched atop a hill in the Puglia region in Southern Italy lies this quaint whitewashed town. It has got its unique name from its circular shape. Locorotondo will be an unforgettable experience with its old churches, quiet alleys, serene views, cobbled stone pathways, pretty windows and doorways, delicious food and delectable wine.

The houses in Locorotondo are known as ‘a cummersa’ because of their conical-shaped roof. This old town has a picture-perfect vibrance and can be a much needed relaxing getaway.

2. Ikaria in Greece

Located in the eastern Aegean sea, this dreamy island is one among 5 places in the whole world that are listed in the Blue Zones. This is because every third person in Ikaria is known to live a healthy life of a minimum of 90 years. The islanders believe in a slow lifestyle with strong family values and healthy meals with a mantra to enjoy each moment and be happy. The dreamy destination is just perfect if you are looking for some quality time away from the chaos.

Ikaria has got everything, right from rocky mountains to sandy beaches with sparkling blue waters and stunning gorges. The landscape in Ikara is perfect for a scenic hike. You will have a great time exploring the culture and lifestyle of the villagers and getting to know their secrets for a long and happy life.

3. Tienen in Belgium

Tienen is known as the sugar town as it houses the popular sugar refinery Raffinerie Tirlemontoise in Belgium. There is a sugar museum that is an interesting place to visit to get hands-on knowledge on everything related to sugar manufacturing.

Begijnhofkerk, located in Tienen, the second largest church in Belgium was burned down in a massive fire in 1976. The ruins of this spectacular monument have been restored impressively by the residents. A beautiful park has been created around the destroyed church to protect the ruins.

The hiking trails around this serene town are full of interesting anecdotes taking you back to the good old days. All in all, Tienen has everything to offer for a peaceful and relaxing stopover.

4. Meersburg in Germany

Situated on the banks of Lake Constance, Meersburg town is divided into two parts. The lower deck houses a promenade, all the waterfront activities, boat landings, bars, and restaurants, and the upper town is known for its old castles, museums, churches, art galleries and wineries. Both the decks are connected to each other with stairs and roads.

Meersburg is home to the Burg which is said to be Germany’s oldest residential castle. There are plenty of sightseeing activities here for a fun day out and after a tiring day, you can relax at Meersburg’s thermal spa or swimming pools. Cycle around the pretty lanes, rent a boat or go for an excursion to the nearby flower town of Mainau; you are all set for a few fun-filled days.

5. Alkmaar in Netherlands

Known as the cheese capital of the Netherlands, Alkmaar is home to some of the oldest churches and museums. A few notable museums worth visiting are the Beatles museum, Beer museums, and of course the Cheese museum. To know more about the glorious past of Alkmaar, Stedelijk Museum is worth a visit. It houses unique artifacts and memorabilia from the olden times.

Another intriguing spot is the Hofje van Splinter, the secret inner court created in the medieval era for single women and men. Alkmaar is also famous for the Gothic-style church St. Laurenskerk which houses two world-renowned musical organs. The church organizes many concerts in the summer season involving these two ancient instruments.


Life is a journey and walking into the unknown terrains is definitely more rewarding and fulfilling. So get set to experience something magical and memorable when you travel to these offbeat spots in Europe for your next vacation.

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