Top 5 Reason to go to Mauritius:

Are planning to travel with you partner, don’t know where to go then the Mauritius is one of the best spot for your travel.

Mauritius is a lovely spot for couples and also for families if you want to spend time with your partner then head to Mauritius for your holidays. You can spent some amazing time with your partner over there.

Mauritius is an island with some awesome locations and crystal clear water unlike other beaches the water in the Mauritius was blue in colour and it is having the sandy beaches and also you can find more than that.

It is an island about which is small in place but it an awesome place which never disappoints any of travellers.

Here are 5 reason why you should go to Mauritius this holiday season:

1. Best In water sports

Most of the travelles wanted to go deep into the waters and wanted to see the diving experience. If you are one of them then it’s a best place to see the marine life. If you are not a certified diver then you can even learn to do diving and get certified in Mauritius. It simply offers a lot of options for sailing. You can choose a boat and you can even go for a romantic date in the middle of the beach.

2. You can See Caramel colored earth:

Chamarel is a village in the Mauritius and it was one of the major tourist spot. It easily draws anybody attention towards them because of the charmarel colored earth surface. The Seven colored layer of sand makes it more unique place. You can climb up to the deck of the spots and observe the hue effects of colors on the surface you can see yellow, red, violet, purple, brown, green and even blue as well. It was one of the great place to take your photos as well.

3. Go to Sailing and spot dolphins:

Mauritius is one of the popular place for the dolphin cruise it will usually starts early in the morning before the sunrise. You can take some amazing photos during the travel and also you will be taken to the dolphin spots where you can see the dolphins and you can even enjoy the refreshing swim of the beautiful creatures.

4. Take a look at the grand bussin:

You must head over to the grand basin which so called as the Ganga talao. It was the natural lake with the extinct volcano crater. According to the Mythology the water of this lake was sourced from the sacred Ganges River in India. Usually Indians take a dip into that water during the Shivaratri which is a festival. It was considered as the auspicious festival and on the northern side of the lake you can even find the 108 feet tall statue of the Lord Shiva, and it was the second tallest statue in the world. So if you are devotee of Lord Shiva or you believe in culture, you should be keen to visit Mauritius. You can even visit the sagar shiv mandir in Mauritius.

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