Traveling in Africa is like no other travel option. The continent is great and diverse, with a wide variety of cultures, immense populations of stunning wildlife and numerous historical sites. North Africa is filled with areas to visit and explore, including the ancient nation of Egypt, the beauty and culture of Morocco and much more. If you are looking for the best way to experience the beauty and grandeur that is Africa, start with North Africa.

Camel Tour of Cairo

Egypt – The nation of Egypt has long been part of the fabric of our world. Tales of ancient pharaohs, forgotten tombs and royal burial chambers mix with the modern world, creating a unique blend of the two worlds, in which the residents happily live. A visit to Egypt can be an incredible experience. Of course, the “must see” sites include the Great Pyramid at Giza, a journey down the Nile river, the city of Alexandria, the enigmatic Sphinx and the rich historical site of Luxor.

Morocco – The nation of Morocco offers you numerous enticements. Visit the city of Casablanca or head to Marrakesh or Tangiers. The open-air markets in the cities are fantastic places to experience local cuisine, incredible culture, dances and have some of the best shopping fun around. You will find that Morocco is chock full of things to see and do, enticing all manner of visitors from around the world.

Carthage Ruins

Tunisia – The small nation of Tunisia boasts almost 750 miles of coastline, lined with resorts, beaches, pleasure barges and more. This nation is one of the most frequented by international travelers, due to the large number of five star resorts that litter the beach communities. However, you’ll find far more than beaches in Tunisia. Visit the columns salvaged from the famed city of Carthage, or the Zitouna Mosque. The Mehari Diving Center offers fun for all, as well. Numerous other historical sites can be found throughout the land, providing you with incredible ways to enjoy your stay.

Sahara Sand Dune, Libya

North Africa is also home to other nations, such as Libya and Algeria – both of which offer intriguing options for exploration and enjoyment. Before taking any trip to Africa, visit the US State Department Website for travel advisories. Several areas in North Africa have unstable political situations, making them less than desirable travel destinations. The State Department reports will keep you up to date on which nations are safe and which should be avoided.

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