5 Top Tourist Attractions in Toronto

The Canadian city of Toronto is known for having some of the most attractive landmarks in the world. With a plethora of attractions, there is something appealing for everyone. Finding cheap flights and discounts flights to Toronto is also easy, further increasing the city’s popularity. Sites like flightnetwork.com never fail to offer affordable prices or a discounted flight ticket, allowing you to experience the best attractions. Here are five of the top tourist attractions in Toronto.

CN Tower

One of the most popular attractions in Toronto is undoubtedly the CN Tower. This tremendous tower extends to nearly 2,000 feet and serves as an observation tower. At the time of its completion in the 1970′s, it was renowned for being the tallest tower in the world. The tower caters to guests from all over the world, offering shopping, restaurants, and unbeatable views of the city.

Bell Lightbox

The Bell Lightbox is another one of Toronto’s top tourist attractions. This cultural event center is the home to Toronto’s best art festivals, film festivals, and gallery showcases. The Bell Lightbox consists of five stories and appeals to any visitor, offering five cinemas, two galleries, three learning studios, a student center, a restaurant, and a lounge. The legendary Toronto Film Festival is held here annually, in addition to a wide array of exhibitions.

Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo is definitely part of Toronto’s most popular attractions. This zoo is located on over 700 acres of land and shelters over 5,000 animals. The animals featured here come from over all over the world, including Australia, Africa and the Americas. The zoo provides a wonderful family experience, allowing you to observe and interact with a diverse range of animals like leopards, tortoises, camels, apes, pandas, dragons, lizards and lions. This zoo also offers educational experiences for various age groups and high school biology class credit courses.

Casa Loma

Another top tourist attraction in Toronto is Casa Loma. This house is an incredible example of Gothic architecture and outdoor beauty. While it originally served as the residence of a Canadian soldier and financier, it now functions as a public tourist attraction. This castle contains nearly 100 rooms and includes a wine cellar, a garden room, library, conservatory, smoking room and billiards room. Casa Loma can also be booked for special occasions including weddings, film shootings, business events and birthday celebrations.

Ontario Science Centre

The fifth top tourist attraction in Toronto is the Ontario Science Centre. This science museum is famous for allowing guests to not only admire the work on display, but to also touch the pieces, allowing for an exciting and interactive experience. The displays showcased here include those related to geology, astronomy, anatomy, biology, chemistry and physics.


Clearly, Toronto has a broad range of attractions that can offer an educational and fun experience for everyone. With an abundance of cheap flights easily available, there’s no wonder why the tourist attractions in this gorgeous city are so popular. Whether you choose to visit the CN Tower, appreciate the arts at the Bell Lightbox, observe animals at the Toronto Zoo, admire the architecture at the Casa Loma, or learn something new at the Ontario Science Centre, you can be certain your family will enjoy the trip of a lifetime in Toronto.

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