Your Transfer Options for Vilamoura

Perfectly positioned along the southern coast of Portugal lies the incredibly beautiful resort area of Vilamoura. With a 1,000 berth marina, golf courses, and hundreds of boutiques, restaurants and cafes, this charming place is a hit with holidaymakers from around the world. Whether you want to lounge on the golden beaches or try your hand at some adventure sports, Vilamoura really does offer it all. 

If you’re planning a trip to Vilamoura then you will need to work out how you are going to get there from the airport. Luckily, there are several Vilamoura transfer options that cater for all budgets. We reveal four different ways you can get to your accommodation in Vilamoura from Faro airport. 

Taxi Transfers

One of the most popular ways to travel to Vilamoura from Faro airport is by taxi. Not only do the provide a quick way for you to get from A to B, but you’ll also have a comfortable and cool ride too. There is a taxi rank at the airport, but you’ll often end up paying a lot more if you choose to use this service.

The best way to get a good deal is to use a third party service to pre book your taxi. You will be asked to enter your flight arrival time when booking, and your taxi driver will be there waiting for you at arrivals as soon as you pick up your bag. You can also arrange your collection time, so you don’t have to worry about organizing a cab for the journey back. 

Private Chauffeurs

If you want to travel in luxury and style, then why not hire a private chauffeur? They differ from cabs in the way that the car will be some sort of a high-end vehicle. Many of the online booking sites allow you to choose the make and model of car you would live to be picked up in. If it’s for a really special occasion, then you can even choose to hire a limousine!

Shuttle Buses

For a more economical way to travel from the airport to Vilamoura, why not hop on a shuttle bus? WIth a shuttle bus you will pay considerably less than a taxi, however, you do have to make stops along the way to let other passengers get to their hotel. Sometimes you won’t know exactly how long it will take to transport you to your destination, as times can vary depending on where that other people on board are staying. If you don’t mind the longer journey times then this is a great option, just make sure that you book online in advance. 

Public Transportation

There are several public bus companies that operate services from the airport to hotspots in the region, however, there are no direct buses to Vilamoura. Therefore, you will first have to hop on a bus to downtown Faro and then change for a bus to Vilamoura from there. The buses here can be unreliable, and it’s not much fun carrying heavy bags in the summer sun. We recommend going for the shuttle bus option if you are on a budget. 

So there you have it, several options to get to beautiful Vilamoura. Remember to book your transfers before you leave to save you both time and money Enjoy your holiday!

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