How to Travel with Your Sports Equipment

Whether you are traveling for a competition or just for leisure, being able to make use of your favorite piece of sporting equipment while you are away can make a huge difference in terms of how comfortable you feel. It can also be the difference between winning and losing.

If your destination is far from home and especially if you are having to get on a plane to get there, you may have concerns about how safe your equipment will be during the course of the journey. Here are a few tips on how to ensure your precious cargo arrives in perfect condition every time.

Is it essential?

Every time you travel with sports equipment, there will be an element of risk involved. Items can and do get lost, or broken or stolen, no matter how careful you are. Only you can decide whether the item is absolutely essential to your enjoyment and performance, and therefore worth the risk.

If you are taking items that might be considered dangerous, such as a hunting knife or spear gun, remember to declare it when you check in, even if you have placed it in your hold luggage, to ensure security officials do not assume you have dark intentions.

Go crazy with the bubble wrap

If you have ever watched cargo handlers at work, you will be fully aware that they attach little sentimentality to the items they work with, often throwing everything in the hold, especially if they are in a hurry to complete a loading. Using bubble wrap is a great way to protect precious items such as surfboards, golf clubs, bikes, scooters and other items you would rather not have to replace due to damage.

Even if you are lucky enough to have a hard case that offers a high level of protection, it’s still a good idea to use bubble wrap as well, as this will prevent the case itself from being damaged, extending its lifespan.

Watch out for hidden costs

Some items of specialized equipment will attract an additional cost on certain airlines, so factor this in when you are planning your trip. You should also make sure you look into the TSA guidelines for travel to know whether a particular item can be taken into the cabin or will have to be left in the hold.

If possible, make adjustments to your equipment to make it comply with any weight or size regulations; look for alternatives that’ll make your equipment lighter and easier to pack. For instance, YGW innovations are world leaders in the manufacture of high-quality scooter parts that are famously strong and light.

Swapping out the handlebars of your scooter for remarkably lightweight ones will make it far easier to keep your items with you in the cabin, assuming your carrier allows you to do this. Check out the full range of YGW Innovations products at

Take out insurance

No matter how careful you are, accidents and unexpected events can still happen. If the worst happens, knowing that all your equipment is fully covered, so you will be able to replace it at your convenience will bring you some comfort. Check your policy carefully to ensure the items you are taking are actually covered as many insurance companies exclude certain items in the small print.

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