Travelling with Elderly Parents and Finding the Right Travel Insurance Policy

Whether you are planning to head off for a summer vacation trip around the world, taking up the travel insurance is the must and in the modern age something no traveler you leave home without. A good travel insurance policy for during your trip, covering you and your family for medical issues, loss of baggage and travel documents, personal liability, and personal accident will definitely offer you peace of mind and make your trip a safe one.

One common issue some traveler have or for people taking their elderly parents on holiday is when they look for travel insurance which suits older people travelling, I found this blog post explaining the subject in more detail on the Avanti insurance website.

A common reason for this issue is the lack of companies offering specialist travel insurance policies suits for retired or older people in later life, plus the fact there seem to be less companies around offering these specialist travel insurance policies.

I would always advise anyone looking for specialist travel insurance for people over the age of retirement to shop around on the internet and look at companies who offer this kind of insurance policies which cater for elderly people or older people who have pre-existing medical conditions. As medical conditions can often be a factor when comparing medical insurance cover, so read the small print and ask all the right questions & offer any history of previous and current medical conditions to the advisor you speak to or when you fill in your online application for travel insurance cover.

Lastly, it may sound obvious but do contact your GP and the doctor(s) of your elderly family members if you plan to travel and apply for travel insurance for your holiday. If you are in any doubt discuss everything with you doctor and check your medical history up to date and you are aware of any important issues with all family members travelling, making sure these are disclosed in your application.

Be sure that if you have covered any health problems or pre-existing medical issues before applying for a insurance policy. If in doubt, just speak with your insurer or the broker you have taken the policy out with, as they will be happy to help & answer any queries.

That way you can look forward to enjoying your trip with your family or friends with peace of mind.

Image by Welsh Harlequin under CC license


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