What Are the Top Attractions When You Visit the Philippines?

If you are interested in traveling to an exotic location in the Pacific Ocean, you may have heard about the Philippines. The Philippines used to be a territory of the United States before they gained their independence during the 20th century. Despite that, they are still incredibly welcoming to United States tourists, providing everyone with an opportunity to experience everything the Philippines has to offer. A collection of more than 7,000 Islands, this is a natural playground unlike any other place on Earth. Therefore, if you plan on going to the Philippines, you need to know what to experience. From volcanoes to Rice Terraces, Limestone caves, and underwater rivers, the Philippines is a treasure trove of opportunities. What are the top attractions when you visit the Philippines?

Take a Historical Sightseeing Tour of Manila

Even though the Philippines is known for all of its natural glory, Manila is also an exciting, vibrant city. Therefore, you may want to take advantage of some of the historical sites in the region. It is relatively easy to walk around on your own; however, if you really want to learn about the history of Manila, you may want to take a guided sightseeing tour. Specifically, you should take a close look at Intramuros, which is the walled city of Manila. They are, you will get to see a lot of historical landmarks and monuments.

Explore White Beach at Boracay

The Philippines is known for its beautiful beaches. If you are looking for a more active beach scene, then you definitely want to check out White Beach in Boracay. This is the most populous Beach on the island; however, you will also get to enjoy a lot of water sports. There are also plenty of palm trees beneath which you can relax. If you want, you can even book a massage at the beach. You also have the opportunity to book a glass-bottom boat, take a banana boat ride, and go snorkeling.

Take a Close Look at the Mayon Volcano in Albay

There are many of volcanoes in the Philippines; however, arguably the top volcano is the Mayon Volcano in Albay, which is located on Luzon Island. This is an active stratovolcano that stands close to 7,500 feet in height. It also has a perfect cone peak, which is unique to the region. Even though you can certainly see the Volcano by visiting it from the ground, you can also apply for a permit to climb the volcano. If you want to tackle this challenge, you should be an experienced hiker. Keep in mind that there are noxious gases emitted near the peak, so use caution. You might even want to enlist the help of a local guide, so you know where to go!

Visit a Shipwreck in Coron

There are plenty of shipwrecks located near the Philippines. One of the top sunken ships to explore is located in Coron. Because the Philippines was an active naval battleground during World War II, there are plenty of ships for you to explore. Whether you want to go snorkeling or scuba diving, there are numerous opportunities available. Some of the Japanese in the warships he may want to take a closer look at including the Akitsushima Maru, the Iraku Maru, and the Kyokuzan Maru. If you are someone who loves to snorkel and scuba dive, you may even want to stay here for several days.

Don’t Pass Up the Chocolate Hills in Bohol

Don’t forget to take a close look at the Chocolate Hills in Bohol. This has even been designated as a world heritage site by UNESCO. With more than 1,200 small mountains that emerged from the ground several centuries ago, this area used to be underwater. Now, they are green throughout almost the entire year. During the dry season, they actually turn a dark brown color, thus the name. If you follow the path, you will eventually reach the top of a lookout area. That way, you have the best view possible. Take your time as you travel the walkway. You will see many flowers that are unique to this area and cannot be found anywhere else.

Take Advantage of Everything the Philippines Has To Offer

These are just a few of the many sites that you have to make sure you visit when you go to the Philippines. Because there is so much to do in the Philippines, it is important for you to plan carefully. If you work with trained professionals, you can make sure that you get the most out of your stay in the Philippines, no matter how long it is. Make sure you include these outstanding attractions on your itinerary! That way, you can experience the Philippines in all of its natural glory.

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