Why it Is a Great Idea to Go on an Escorted Tour

When you go on an escorted tour, you have the change to truly experience adventure and explore the world. On your return from your vacation, you will have built a lifetime of memories and you will have tales of sights and experiences to entertain your friends with for years.

Through an escorted tour, you will have the chance to explore the most iconic beauties of different countries, while being together with people who have the same interests of you. It is an opportunity to taste different cultures, but also to just relax and enjoy yourself. There will be fantastic sights to see and enjoy and you will always know that you will be properly looked after every step of the way.

Different escorted tours exist, for instance those offered by Globus Tours. Operators offer destinations across the world on every continent. Vacations last anything from just a few days to a few weeks. You can go absolutely anywhere, from the artistic cities in Europe to the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand to the home of evolution in the Galapagos Islands and more. Whatever is on your bucket list of places to go to, you know there will be a guided tour.

So why is it such a great idea to go on a guided tour, except the obvious already stated above?

Different Types of Tours

There are fantastic different types of tours available for tourists of different caliber. If it is your first time to a certain destination, you will have very different needs than someone who has already been several times. Similarly, if you are a fit and healthy, athletic person, your needs will differ greatly from someone who has diabetes and is in a wheelchair. With guided tours, you know there is something for everybody. This also means that you can go on the same vacation every time, yet have a completely different experience each time. On guided tours, the ratio for staff to traveler is really good, so you also have plenty of personal attention.

It also doesn’t matter what mode of transportation you will use. The tours have all been designed to make sure that you will see the most spectacular sights that simply cannot be missed. Generally speaking, there will be some information available in terms of whether the tour focuses on nature, culture and/or physical activity, so that you can easily choose which one you are most interested in.


Most guided tours also have a number of inclusions. This means that your entire vacation is organized for you and you don’t have to worry about making arrangements for excursions, tour guides, meals and more. Rather, you will be able to indicate what you are interested in when you book your tour and everything will be arranged for you.

Very simply put, a guided tour is an opportunity for you to experience the vacation of a lifetime. You will take all the stress out of traveling and will simply be able to enjoy yourself.

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