Explore the Essential Part of Sydney

March 23rd, 2015 | by Ashyln Molly
Explore the Essential Part of Sydney
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A trip to Sydney is an essential part of any Australian holiday, and the country’s largest city is often labeled as one of the most beautiful in the world due to its idyllic balance of architecture, iconic landmarks, beautiful harbour, botanic gardens and impressive skyline.


A truly vibrant city that is full of a consistent buzz and high degree of energy, Sydney will have something to captivate you regardless of whether you’re an Aussie visiting from interstate or an international visitor from overseas. The city is so large and full of things to do that there are a wide range of so-called “must see” locations and sights that, if you miss them, mean you will be missing out on some of the unique features that give Sydney its own distinct personality.

Regardless of whether you’re exploring the city centre and its metropolitan areas, the northern and southern surf beaches that have gained their own fame, popular civic venues, landmarks and scenic spots, there is seemingly a “must see” location around every next corner.

The Sydney Opera House

While we suppose that “Sydney Harbour” in general could be listed here, the Sydney Opera House stands apart from the rest of the harbour’s icons. Perhaps Australia’s most famous man-made icon worldwide, the Sydney Opera House is a unique feat of architectural design and engineering that helps add tremendously to the character of the already-scenic Sydney Harbour. A structure that was formed out of a rare combination of innovation, creativity and controversy, the Sydney Opera House is a remarkable building that is host to over 1,500 performances that draw audiences of around 1.2 million people each year.

Sydney Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens are a rarity in that they provide such a cavalcade of natural floral beauty while also being so close to the Sydney CBD and the lovely panorama and landmarks of Sydney Harbour. One of the best ways to simply enjoy nature as the world passes you by all within the midst of one of the the world’s busiest cities, at the Botanic Gardens you can absorb amazing views of the harbour while walking through the immaculately-maintained greenery to view the endless array of plants, trees and more all of which are accompanied by signs with detailed information on each species of flora on display.

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