25 Signs You Were Made to Cruise

Do you have an inexplicable draw to the water and an insatiable desire to reach foreign lands by sea? Here are 25 signs that you were made to cruise.

1) Your horoscope is a water sign (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio).

2) One dessert is never enough.

3) You are obsessed with sunsets.

4) You have a stomach of steel.

5) Your favorite angle is horizontal.

6) You work well in small spaces.

7) You are a music/theater lover.

8) You get bored easily.

9) You learned to swim at age 2.

10) You buy shoes with good grip in mind.

11) You like vacations where meals are included.

12) You don’t need more than 12 hours to see the sights in any city.

13) It’s your life’s mission to find Nemo.

14) You have a habit of planning lunch whilst you’re eating breakfast.

15) You know how many ports are within driving distance of your home.

16) Christopher Columbus is your hero.

17) You relish the opportunity to get dressed up in your finery.

18) Calculating gratuities comes as second nature to you.

19) You enjoy meeting people from every walk of life.

20) You can describe the color of the ocean in no less than 20 different shades of blue and green.

21) You don’t understand why you can’t zip-line on an airplane.

22) You find it dull if the scenery isn’t constantly changing.

23) You’re obsessed with collecting passport stamps.

24) You think all dining should be done with more than four to a table for better conversation.

25) Visiting multiple destinations: you love. Packing and re-packing your bag: you hate.

How did you score? Anything over 15 and you were made to cruise!

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