Travelling to a new country is always exciting. Getting to know a completely new culture, meeting new people, exploring new landscapes are things which make a vacation abroad a wonderful experience. However, every trip to an unknown place has a lot of issues associated with it too. Safety is one of the issues which you must take into consideration while travelling. Be it health-related safety, or crime-related; staying safe in an unknown environment and an unknown country is something you cannot take lightly. And one of the most important steps to stay safe in a new country is blending in with the locals. Clothes are something which helps you the most to achieve that. Here are five types of clothes which you shouldn’t wear while travelling in a new country.

Uncomfortable underwear

Sometimes, underwear is the most overlooked piece of clothing which we don’t care about while travelling. However, it is extremely important that you choose and wear the perfect underwear for travelling so that you stay comfortable and fit. Your regular underwear can be too tight or uncomfortable for those long walks or car rides. And if you travel around wearing uncomfortable underwear all the time, you will end up hating your day rather than enjoying it. No one likes to be all sweaty and exhausted because their undergarments were too tight. So remember to wear comfortable, light, travel-friendly underwear while you travel.

Immodest clothes

Yes, it doesn’t sound right in many ways, but each and every place has their own culture, and as travellers, it is our responsibility to respect and protect it. We travel to new countries to experience new cultures, not bombard their culture and sense of modesty with our own. So pay close attention to the dressing norms of the locals, and understand what is acceptable and what is not. It will help you to blend in with the locals and stay safe in a new country.


Shorts are normally okay to wear when you travel as they are really comfortable, but avoid wearing shorts to religious places. Temples and mosques and shrines and monasteries and other religious structures are places where the locals pay respect to their gods. And most of the cultures take it as a sign of disrespect if you wear shorts at these places.

Clothes carrying inappropriate messages or slangs

Hey, we are no one to judge you based on your religious or political views or your choice of slangs. However, if they hurt the sentiments of the local people where you are travelling to, it will be a problem for you. Your favourite quote can very well be ‘God is dead’ by Nietzsche; but wearing that printed on a t-shirt and travelling to Vatican City doesn’t seem like a very good idea, does it? It will be an intelligent thing to do if you avoid wearing provocating clothes like that while you travel abroad.

Touristy clothing

If the idea is to blend in with the locals, then please do not wear clothes which no one but a tourist would wear. Nothing screams ‘tourist’ like wearing an ‘I love NY’ t-shirt while standing in the middle of Times Square. So avoid clothes which a tourist would normally wear and stick with normal clothes.

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