5 Delicious Dutch Foods Visitors Must Try

Part of the experience of visiting new places is trying out the cuisine. If you are visiting the Netherlands anytime in the near future, here are five local delicacies to taste:

1. Poffertjes

These are essentially small and fluffy pancakes that come in a variety of ways. Originally, they are made with a type of sugar icing. While there are berry variants available, many have enjoyed these spongy cakes in the original recipe. Plenty restaurants in the Netherlands provide the poffertjes, but a lot of people prefer the friendly service and culinary expertise at the Carousel Pancake House. Regardless of where you visit, pancake lovers will have a hard time not wanting the recipe for making poffertjes at home.

2. KoffieVerkeerd

For the coffee drinkers of the world, KoffieVerkeerd is the style for the Netherlands. For those of you who prefer stronger and more robust coffee blends, this drink may be less than you wanted. However, it must be tried anyway just for the sheer ability to have bragging rights for having coffee in the Netherlands. This coffee is usually prepared as half coffee and half milk. This gives the drink a more cream flavor. Some favorite locations around Amsterdam for KoffieVerkeerd are those operated by De Koffie Salon. These Salon’s are akin to a Starbucks in the United States, only with more class and substance.

3. Pannenkoeken

For those who don’t appreciate the fluffy and sponge like Poffertjes, Pannenkoeken are more like the flat style of pancakes served in various parts of the world. These are much flatter than what Americans view as traditional pancakes and are commonly rolled up by hand and eaten without utensils. It is common to see them prepared using fruits cooked right into the pannenkoeken itself. Visitors of all kinds have enjoyed the restaurant, “Pancakes! Amsterdam.” This location prepares a variety of pancakes including the smaller Poffertjes.

4. Kroket

The kroket can be prepared in multiple ways. Essentially, it can be a seasoned vegetable roll covered in bread crumbs and then deep fried. These can be akin to Mexican taquitos or Asian egg rolls using a deep fried batter instead of a shell. These crunchy rolls are quite popular and can be found at either location for Eetsalon Van Dobben as well as many places in the Netherlands.

5. Patat

One of the most common of foods around the globe is the individual preparation of what many refer to as fries. Patat is a thick, fried potato that resembles an American french fry on steroids. In the Netherlands, these are served in a variety of ways including what is referred to as Oorlog. These are patat fries served with a mayo, onion, and peanut sauce topping. Although patat is sold all over the Netherlands, many praise the Vleminckx as having the best fries in town.

Like many other lists of this sort, personal preference contributes to what is considered a “must.” However, there is nothing wrong with trying something once. If it doesn’t agree with you, move on to the next. How did you discover that you like the foods you eat? By trying them once and enjoying the experience.

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