Enjoy A Luxurious Stay In The Beautiful City Of Cambridge

Holidays are what you make of them: it’s a statement we’re all aware of and to some extent, it’s completely true. Almost any destination can provide enjoyment if you plan out exactly what you want to see and do while you’re there, but it has to be said that some destinations have more attractions to see than others. Cambridge is a historical city in England that nowadays is mainly famous for its university – a university that’s respected worldwide.

While you definitely should at least take a peek at the university during your stay here, there are many other attractions that you shouldn’t miss. This article will give you a small taste of what landmarks are most worth visiting, and we’ll even advise a hotel that won’t fail to disappoint.

A Trip to one of the World’s Most Famous Universities

We may as well get the obvious landmark out of the way first, but don’t for a second think that’s because it’s a boring attraction. The University of Cambridge attracts some of the best minds in the world, and it consistently ranks in the top 5 with regards to quality of education. It’s not just the university itself that’s worth a visit; the university’s stunning botanic gardens promise to deliver extraordinary sights you’ll never forget, and it covers 16 hectares of land that poses an abundance of photo opportunities.

A Stay in a Classy Hotel

Needless to say, Cambridge is a city that boasts a multitude of extraordinary hotels – so many that choosing the best one can be an extremely difficult task. That’s why we’d recommend the Hotel du Vin in Cambridge. It’s a property that truly reflects the majestic architecture found all over the city, and it boasts a conservatory and beautiful terrace that genuinely define the true meaning of relaxation. As luxurious as this hotel is, it still proudly boasts ultra-modern features such as high-speed internet and contemporary cocktails, and that’s why it’s a good hotel pick for almost any demographic.

A Viewing of a Historical Country House

England is a country that is relatively famous for its old manor homes and large estates, and Cambridge is home to the beautiful Anglesey Abbey. It’s a wonderful piece of architecture that dates back to the 19th century, and due to the fact that it is believed there used to be a mill located here, it also offers you the chance to buy some Cambridge-made flour.

A Visit to a Historical Cathedral

The UK, along with many European states, is well-known for its impressive cathedrals, and you’d be mad to miss out on the chance to see Ely Cathedral during your stay in Cambridge. This cathedral’s origins date back to 672 AD, and the present building you’ll see during your visit dates back to 1083.

Everybody is well aware of the city of Cambridge due to its excellent university, but there are so many more things you need to see while you’re here. Hopefully, this list of great landmarks gives you some insight as to what Cambridge has to offer.

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