Enjoy Musical Vienna

The city of Vienna is very beautiful. It is an enchanting place that draws many visitors back again and again.

If you are returning to the Austrian capital for a second, third or even fourth visit, the chances are that you have already visited many of the major sights. Some, like the Schönbrunn Palace, you will want to see a second time. But, the chances are that on a repeat visit to Vienna you will be looking to do something a bit different, which you will certainly be able to do. This relatively small city offers plenty of interesting and memorable experiences for visitors to enjoy. As you will see, it has a vibrant and eclectic music scene, which you can experience while staying there.

Treat yourself to a night of opera or classical music

Vienna is a wonderful place to experience all kinds of music. When it comes to the performing arts the city has a long and proud history.

For example, one of the first opera performances, outside of Italy, took place in Vienna. In 1625, opera singers performed in the Viennese Court to celebrate the birthday of Ferdinand II. Today, opera is still important to the city’s residents. There are numerous performances held throughout the year, for many of which you can buy tickets here.

Vienna has not one, but two resident orchestras. Both perform regularly, which makes it really easy to get tickets. If you are there during the summer months, you can usually enjoy outdoor performances, which are truly special and certainly memorable.

Enjoy Vienna´s eclectic modern music scene

If your tastes are more modern, spend an evening at Flex. This venue is known for its live music and the fact that they serve free sparkling water to the dancers. For jazz fans, Porgy and Bess is the place to head.

Vienna´s music-themed festivals

As you would expect for such a musical place, many of the city´s festivals have musical themes. The Vienna Summer Musical festival is aimed squarely at students of music. Every June the city hosts numerous musical workshops, which introduce students from around the world to the music culture of the city. Even if you are not studying music it is a particularly interesting time to be in Vienna. The street music scene in Vienna is very good, year round. But with so many international music students staying in the city during June you are often surprised by groups of them playing some very different styles of live music, in the streets.

At the end of June, the Music Film Festival is held in the City Hall Square. This festival features everything from jazz to pop and dance music. The themed days make it really easy to book your stay so that you are sure to be able to enjoy your favorite genres of music.

The magical ball season in Vienna

Each winter, more than 400 traditional, formal balls are held in the city. It is a truly magical and enchanting time to be in Vienna. Over the course of the season, 300,000 dancers dress in formal attire to attend the balls. If you want to, you could be one of them. It is an experience that you will not find on offer anywhere else.

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