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If you watch the news you will no doubt have heard of Greece and its economic troubles over recent years. The good news for travellers however is that the tourist resorts remain the summer holiday fun-spots they have always been, so this is a lesson in not letting such news put you off seeing beautiful parts of the world.

Holiday prices to Greece haven’t really shot up as a result of the troubles, but if you do find a slight increase in comparison to places such as Turkey, which will always be cheaper as it is outside the Euro zone, then finding ways to cut costs in other places will give you good results, ensuring that holiday is a success, and not at all a Greek tragedy!

I find driving myself to the airport and booking my parking spot through ParkBCP is always a good way to save money, especially when you compare it to the cost of public transport, not to mention the time and stress saved. Stansted Airport parking is my regular haunt, and I find combining the cost of a cheap flight from the capital with the cost of driving always saves me money compared to my regional airport, where flights are generally much more expensive. It’s always a good idea to look at ways you can tweak your travel plans in order to save cash, and I find this particular way always works for me, so see if it could work for you too.

The good thing about choosing Greece for your holiday destination this year is that you have plenty of scope in terms of resort. There are countless islands to choose from, and you’d be wrong in thinking that they’re all the same, as each have subtle differences which set them aside from each other. For instance, the party island of Zante is a world apart compared to white-washed Santorini and its upmarket feel, as well as being probably the most popular island in the country. Why? Well, it gives you that iconic Greek scenery box ticked, with views to make your jaw drop.

The Greek way of life is something you should try and experience, and if you do go to a popular island, make sure you head out on some excursions into the countryside, to try and experience a little culture. The locals will welcome you if you try and perhaps say a few words in Greek (not the easiest language to speak, granted!), and show an interest in their culture.

Greece should not be avoided because of economic troubles, and with a better future on the horizon, this sun-drenched country should certainly be on your to-do list this summer.

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