Gibb River Road: A Remote Holiday Road Trip

The Gibb River Road is one of the best road trips that takes travellers across the Kimberley Region, a remote northern section of Western Australia. The remote road requires a 4 wheel drive vehicle to traverse the rugged and off road 660 km between Derby on the west coast and Kununurra near the eastern border of the Northern Territory. You can hire a 4 wheel drive or utility vehicle that can help you safely make the trip at Budget Trucks Kununurra  or Budget Trucks in Broome, which is close to Derby on the west coast.  It is an amazing adventure through this old cattle route where you can visit the six different national parks, explore the ancient Aboriginal culture of the region and learn about the rich pioneering history. The best time to plan to take this trip is from May to October during the dry season. The rest of the year, the wet season makes the road dangerous, if not impossible to traverse. Most itineraries put the road trip at about 14 days. Of course, when you hire your own vehicle, you can make it shorter or longer and can see the sights that interest you most.

Highlights on the Gibb River Road TripGibb River Road A Remote Holiday Road Trip 2

Gibb River Road Photo Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Gibb River Road A Remote Holiday Road Trip 3

Merten Gorge and Mitchell Falls Photo Credit: River Road A Remote Holiday Road Trip 4

Pentacost River and the Cockburn Ranges Photo Credit:

  • Windjana Gorge National Park: This is one of 6 national parks along the Gibb River Road. It is located in the Napier Ranges which is actually an ancient reef system that is about 350 million years old. When hiking in the park, look for old fossils and present day wildlife. You can plan to camp overnight in Windjana Gorge National Park
  • Tunnel Creek National Park: Next stop is this national park known for Western Australia’s oldest cave system. You can tour the tunnel and explore the world of the bats and fresh water crocodiles.
  • Bell Gorge: Widely regarded as one of the Kimberley’s most magnificent attractions with a 100 metre waterfall, panoramic views from the cliffs, and cooling swimming pools.
  • Manning Gorge: You can camp overnight here and during the day check out the Aboriginal rock art, scenic views, and cool off in the relaxing pools.
  • Drysdale River Station: At this pit stop, you can camp on the grounds or stay in the cabins. Fish in the river and explore the rainforests and woodlands on foot.
  • Scenic Flights: If you are short on time, you can cover a lot of ground in a short time with a scenic flight. It also helps you appreciate the incredible landscapes including all the highs, lows, and water that carves through the land. Take in the Mitchell Plateau, Mitchell Falls, and the Prince Regent River from the air.
  • Cockburn Ranges: As you continue east on your road trip journey, next up is one of the most spectacular sights, the unique Cockburn Ranges and the Pentacost River. Be sure to plan to see it during the sunset to see the magnificent changing colours of the ranges as the sun sets.
  • El Questro Wilderness Park: Here you can experience vast wilderness and also a bit of luxury. The park is on million acres with much of it unexplored. In contrast, you can cruise on the Chamberlain Gorge, eat at the steakhouse, and stay in the five-star homestead.


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