11 Things to Do Before Going on Holiday

Going on holiday? I bet you have a list as long as your arm, but if you don’t know where to start with your to-do list before leaving for warmer climates, here’s a great guide to getting things done.

1. Make sure your pets have a place to stay

I remember last year not even thinking about the cats and literally three days before our holiday, we remembered that we had to get them booked in at the cattery. In the end, the cattery was full but we stumbled upon a better idea where a local pet minder would come to our house and feed the cats twice a day.

2. Write a list of things to do and things to take

Having a list of all the things you need to do and remember (like this one) will help you keep a level head at a very demanding time. Being able to cross things off the list will make you feel in control and organised which makes relaxing on your hols even more enjoyable.

3. Turn off and unplug all domestic appliances

There’s nothing worse than travelling 3500 miles away from home and worrying whether you switched off the telly. Go around and switch everything off and it’ll give you real peace of mind. Not only that, but you’ll also save money on the electric bills too!

4. Empty the fridge freezer of unpreserved foods that won’t keep

If your fridge freezer has a vacation mode like my Samsung American Fridge Freezer then you’ll be able to keep the freezer running and turn the fridge off separately so that food isn’t going off whilst you’re away on your jollies. If you haven’t got the vacation mode, rid your fridge of the stuff that’ll go off and bin it so that you aren’t coming home to rotten smells.

Key 11 Things to Do Before Going on Holiday5. Leave a key with a trusted neighbour

We like to give our key to a trusted neighbour who can check up on our home whilst we’re away on vacation. Our neighbour closes the curtains at night and opens them in the morning to give the impression of people living there.

6. Take note of all emergency numbers and contacts

In case of emergency and being able to manage when things don’t go to plan, make sure that you have all the best information at hand. It will save a lot of time and possibly a life.

7. Leave your holiday information with a family member

Make sure that someone back home knows where you’re going, flying from and to, as well as dates and times for your return. This helps if anything should happen whilst you’re away and if they need to contact you.

8. Sort out your travel to and from the airport early

The last thing you want on the morning of your holiday is to find that there are no taxis available. It can end up ruining your holiday or even costing you more than you planned for. Always double check with the taxi firm that everything is booked and still okay for the day of your vacation.

9. Buy your currency and check for the best deals

It’s always best to change some currency at home as the rates are usually better. I never change all my money as you either might not need all the money you’re taking or you may find the rates get better after a week or so. Have your domestic currency and your destination’s currency as well.

10. Check your travel tickets

A few days before your travel date, confirm you have the correct date and time for flying. I’ve known people who have gotten it wrong so it can happen. Make a note on your calendar and phone as a reminder. Getting the times wrong can either mean a long wait, higher costs in trying to get another flight, or in some cases, like cruising, may cause you to miss destinations on your itinerary.

11. Travel Insurance

Always make sure you have travel insurance when going abroad. You can pick it up really cheap or if you check your bank account, you may have free travel insurance as part of your deal. Keep your insurance card safe and with you at all times.

This may look like a lot to remember and keep track of but it’s simple when you have it all written out in front of you. This list is not exhaustive and may need additional things added depending on where, when and how you’re travelling.

This article was written by Alan Gregory, writer for Appliances Online by day and holiday junkie by night. You can follow him on Twitter @AlanJGregory and he loves a good cup of coffee in the morning.

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