How About a Cruise Around the Caribbean?

Perhaps one of the most luxurious way to travel and relax is leaving home on an ocean trip, on board one of the huge floating hotels commonly known as cruise ships. Such a vacation is not for those with an adventurous spirit, waiting to explore the wilderness or the culture of various areas, but for those willing to spend a few days away from their everyday struggle and spend this time relaxing and feeling great. Cruises are the perfect getaways for those willing to be separated by their everyday life for a while and still being surrounded with the best services available.

Cruise ships are not called “floating hotels” for nothing – although I think “floating cities” would be a better name for them. These huge marvels of modern engineering have the capacity to house thousands of passengers (the largest cruise ship of the world is Oasis of the Seas, a floating five star hotel that can house up to 5,400 passengers, not to mention its crew). But cruise ships are not just about cozy staterooms and relaxing on the deck – they offer much more to their passengers.

Let’s take the above example, and explore the Oasis of the Seas a bit more in depth.

The MS Oasis of the Seas is operated by the Royal Caribbean International, a company that owns a fleet of over 20 of the largest and most luxurious cruise ships of the world. The Oasis was built at the STX Europe Turku Shipyard in Finland, and took its maiden voyage in December 2009. Since then this floating five star hotel cruises the waters of the Caribbean with thousands of passengers on board.

Let’s see what the Oasis of the Seas has to offer its passengers. First of all, its accommodation: passengers can be housed in a variety of staterooms (all fitted with the latest in hotel technology, such as large screen TVs, and internet access so they can play the best online video poker games at red flush online casino while on board) from simple single cabins to two-story, 1600 square feet luxury suites with balconies overlooking the sea. Among the amenities offered by the Oasis I will mention a zip-line, a casino, a miniature golf course, multiple night clubs, several bars and lounges, a karaoke club, comedy club, five swimming pools, volleyball and basketball courts, theme parks and nurseries for children, its own version of New York’s Central Park, a beach pool, two surf simulators, a spa and fitness center, rock climbing walls, restaurants, shops, a science lab and computer gaming possibilities for kids, and even something called the Entertainment Palace, where children and grown-ups of all ages can feel great for hours.

So, why not go on a cruise? It can be a memorable experience – or should I call it the luxury travel experience of a lifetime?

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