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Few cities mix culture and natural beauty as artfully because the town of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. A cosmopolitan city nestled against the snowcapped range on Canada’s west coast, Vancouver attracts around eight million tourists every year. Town boasts a fascinating assortment of best museums, theaters, art galleries and nice food restaurants, however it’s the city district trails, urban beaches and scenic harbor that differentiate Vancouver from different metropolitan destinations.


With such a lot of opportunities for recreation at intervals town, visitors don’t need to leave Vancouver to enjoy outdoor activities, however the natural wonders that lie simply outside the city’s boundaries are too sensible to miss. These day visits from Vancouver are guaranteed to enrich any visit to Canada’s third-largest metropolitan region.

Vancouver Whale Watching
The waters around Vancouver and island teem with life, from ocean lions and seals to eagles and herons. The Gulf of Georgia is additionally home to a few pods of orcas with a combined range of around a hundred killer whales. Minke, grey whales and humpbacks also can been noticed at numerous times of the year. Whale watching adventures around Vancouver vary from leisurely three-hour cruises in comfortable covered boats to exhilarating rides in expansive Zodiacs. Departure points include Victoria, Steveston and downtown Vancouver.

Grouse Mountain

Located just 15 minutes outside of Vancouver, Grouse Mountain could be a well-liked year-around out of doors destination, with hiking within the summer and nice sport within the winter. Any season of the year, a tramway whisks tourists to the highest of the mountain wherever they’ll see awful views. The resort additionally boasts a life refuge, complete with bears, wolves and interpretive programs. Equally enjoyable could be a lumberjack show wherever tourists will watch lumberjacks competitively chop, saw and roll logs. And if you get bored with all that, there’s continually the read of Vancouver set out below.



Salmon fishing has played a significant role in the Vancouver region throughout its long history, and that tradition is still celebrated in the historic village of Steveston located at the mouth of the Fraser River. Now part of the city of Richmond, the community remains an active fishing port, boasting more than 600 boats, some of which operate whale watching excursions. Steveston’s waterfront boardwalk is a great spot to take in the scenery and enjoy the catch of the day.

Harrison Hot Springs

Located east of Vancouver in the southern tip of Harrison Lake in Fraser Valley is the small village of Harrison Hot Springs, a resort area that has been enticing day-trippers for more than 100 years. Taking the waters is the main attraction in this lakeside city, and there are both indoor and outdoor mineral soaks in a range of warm and cozy temperatures to enjoy. Other activities include boating on the lake, golfing and hiking. North of the city is the nearby Sasquatch Provincial Park where visitors can fish or canoe on one the park’s many pocket lakes.

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