My Memories River Cruising Through Europe

I usually visit Europe every year for my summer vacation with my beloved family. During each visit I relish the experience and the wonders of Europe by exploring many of the historic cities and immersing myself in European culture. Whilst browsing the internet I recently came across this interesting post on a cruise blog, as listed on the river cruising website scenic tours, which brought back all my memories of my Europe cruise trip.

As if you are fortunate to enjoy river cruise in Europe, this is one of the best ways to experience the historic sights and cultural aspects of many of the best towns and cities through Europe, depending on your itinerary and the countries you have chosen for your cruise.

One of aspects I enjoyed about river cruising was the fact that you can wake up to a different view every day along the rivers of the country your are cruising through, plus different tours and excursions to look forward to when you have a stop-over in one of the historic cities and picturesque towns along the river edge, this is sure to captures your heart and many memories to last throughout your lifetime.

During my cruising holiday last year, I enjoyed discovering the beautiful Danube River with its charming small towns and cities which offered unforgettable memories for me. I started my cruise from Vienna, which is an ideal location that admired me the most and it is the best spot for both exploring along this river’s banks or starting a river cruise.
If you try river cruise, you can also enjoy things like classical concerts, delicious regional food and cuisine, exploring some of the ancient castles and historical buildings, plus much more.

My top tip for people looking to enjoy a river cruise in Europe is make sure you take your digital camera and enough memory cards to capture you river cruising experience.

Image by woodytyke under CC license


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