Pirate Hotspots to Avoid on Your Travels

Check out the Pirate Hotspots to Avoid on Your Travels:


VenezuelaIn Nov 2008 a private yacht was attacked by a minimum of 3 armed pirates off the northeastern coast of Venezuela. American citizen Kenneth Dale Peters was killed within the attack and another person was wounded. The event brought international attention to the difficulty of piracy in Venezuela, and also the country’s coastline is now considered one of the key places to avoid.


With 9 pirate attacks this year alone, Malaysia is one of the hotspots wherever tankers and container ships are frequently attacked. The areas you should avoid include the dangerous pirate area of the Strait of Malacca, Tioman Island, and in the South China Sea.


BrazilThere are many attacks by pirates close to port in Brazil. A ship was targeted, a America was attacked and a catamaranhas been robbed. Brazil is another pirate hotspot you ought to undoubtedly avoid on your travels.


This year there have been 2 attacks in city. The 1st was in January. The pirates hijacked a tanker that theyheld hostage along with the cargo and the crew for 4 days till the ransom was paid. The 2nd took place about 70 nm south of Abidjan, where an oil tanker lost contact with its owners. Although the vessel and also the crew members were released 2 days later, two people were greatly injured during the incident. Though the first reported pirate attack off the Ivory Coast took place in October 2012, the incidence of piracy in this area is rising very fast.

Cotonou, Benin

CotonouIn terms of piracy Cotonou is one among the foremost dangerous West African ports. All attacks from this port have enclosed cruel violence and most crew members ahave been injured. Although the incidence of piracy here has reduced significantly following Nigeria and Benin instituting additional patrols, it still remains a hotspot.

If you’re planning a visit across the oceans at any time in the near future, be careful to avoid the on top of pirate hotspots. The danger is real and anyone will become a victim by straying too near to the wrong areas, so plan your trip carefully and stay well away from these dangerous waters.

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