Places to Visit in Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo island is located in south Australia. It is ranked as the third largest island of Australia. Due to rise in sea level and the settlement of Australia aborigines, local residents departed few years ago. An island that has provided with shelter and necessities of life to Australian animals and also maintained their population rate. It extends over an area of 4416 square kilometers, 155 kilometers long and approx 55 kilometers wide.

This place has agricultural economy. Sheep pasturing has been the most important aspect of agriculture.

Kangaroo island is among the most popular attractions of south Australia. Approx 1,40,000 tourists visit this island, mostly from Europe. Some of its tourist spots are :

Seal bay conversation park

Trip to Kangaroo Island is incomplete if you don’t visit this park. This place is just 45 minutes away from KI. It is open on all days of the year except on Christmas. Tourists can also enjoy picnic lunch at bales beach picnic area.

Flinders Chase National Park

Flinders Chase National Park is 110 kilometers away from Kangaroo Island at the north western margin. Take out enough time to visit this place as it has so much to offer. Visitors should take out at least two days to enjoy the serenity of this park. You can also explore some short walks near the visit center:

  • Discovery Walk – It is convenient 200 meters walk. Chase the sign boards to reach out your wildlife adventurous skills.
  • Woodlands Walk– It is a 1 kilometer walk. Breath of fresh air while exploring sugar gum woodlands and acacia thickets.
  • Heritage Walk – It’s an easy 1.5 kilometers walk. It helps you seek about the cultural heritage of park.
  • Platypus waterholes Walk– It is a 4.5 kilometers walk exploring of waterholes where platypus can be seen.

Kelly Hill Caves

It is a preserved region of south Australia situated in kangaroo Island. The park is open on all days of the week from sunrise to sunset except on the occasion of Christmas. Tourists can enjoy the protected treasures which seems to hold supernatural elements in reality. This park have facilities like information spot, picnic areas, a kiosk and toilets.

Little Sahara

It comprises of innate huge sand dunes on the south coast covering an area around 2 square kilometers. This place is 45 minutes away from the main town of Kangaroo Island, Kingscote. You can visit anytime of the year to enjoy sandboarding or tobogganing.

Book accommodations in Kangaroo Island

  • Kohinoor Getaway: This place is situated in Kingscote, the main city of kangaroo island. A perfect place for vacay with a paved outdoor area adjoining a house. Private parking area is also available for the guests. It is 350 meters close to the city center.
  • Lazaret vacation home: It is located in Kingscote.KI. This home has enough space for free parking and is a separated vacay place to stay. It’s 14 minutes walking distance from the beach. It is 450 meters away from the city center.
  • Villas on bay Kingscote: This is a relaxing resort with a wholly air conditioned facility. It has free wifi, parking facilities and a beach front view which adds to its beauty. This place opens a good time for tourists who want to have serenity as well as comfort. It is 450 meters close to the city center.
  • Admirals Inn: You will surely not miss booking this house. This is the guest’s most admirable place rated among the best accommodations of Kingscote. It is 700 meters close to city center and 113 kilometers away from Adelaide airport.
  • Far Away Escape: A vacay home with a garden with a free parking area. Visitors enjoy more facilities as compared to money paid. It is 2km close the city center and 115 km away from the airport.

Food spots in kangaroo island

This island is known for its naturalness. It offers natural food with its best taste and nutrients. Some good food hubs are:

  • Sunset Food and Wine– Tourists looking for amazing food with the view of ocean and enjoyable aura would like to eat here. It is located in Penneshaw.
  • The oyster farm shop– This shop is known for local seafoods. You cant miss the seafood of Kangaroo Island. It is located in American river.
  • Life-Time Private Retreats– It is located on the north coast road of Snelling beach. You can stay at the cliff house having your own privacy enjoying delicious food.
  • Hannahford and Sachs– It is located in Snelling Beach. It’s a dine-in within a tree. You can enjoy the food having an outside look through leaves.

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