Short Trips Around Hyderabad

The capital city of the Telangana state, Hyderabad is considered a high-tech metro of the South. Being strategically located, almost in the center of the Deccan Peninsula, Hyderabad serves as a center point for tourists. Even for the locals of Hyderabad, the neighboring towns and hill stations make for a quick day trip or a weekend escapade. Book cab services in Hyderabad and quickly be on your way to some of the best weekend getaways around town.

If you are in or around Hyderabad, traveling or living, consider these three locations for your next short vacation.


At a distance of 144.3km from Hyderabad metro, you can easily reach the historic town of Warangal-the second biggest city of the state. It is recognized and known for its rich heritage and culture passed down by the royal families of the past. A huge hillock sitting, said to be completely carved out of stone, characterizes the city of Warangal. When you take a walk around its ancient monuments, palaces, and temples, it takes you back in times. The powerful kings and royal dynasties who ruled this region have left their influence and traces of grandeur on the ancient structures.

Take the Thousand Pillar Temple for example. The temple tucked away in a small town, about a kilometer away from the Warangal city, dates back a few centuries ago. It was named after the thousand pillars that stand next to each other and form a wall-like structure, to support the temple. The temple has equal archeological and religious significance. Known to enshrine a huge monolithic idol of Nandi (Shiva’s mount), the temple attracts thousands of pilgrims every day.
Besides temples and monuments, Warangal is also known for its natural beauty. The Pakhal Lake, about 50 Km outside the city, is a scenic locale to spend a day. The calm and clear lake, surrounded by lush greenery offers a picturesque sight. A wildlife sanctuary, bordering the waters is yet another place worth visiting.

Nagarjuna Sagar

At a drive of about three and half hours from Hyderabad, you can reach Nagarjuna Sagar. You can easily rent a car in Hyderabad to make it to the dam. Also known as Nagarjuna Dam, this is a popular tourist site. The place became famous for its massive man-made dam, which is said to be world’s largest masonry dam. Located on the border of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, across the Krishna River, the Nagarjuna Dam has a huge storage and irrigation capacity. It has 26 gates of 14m height and 13m width and stretches across 16km of the area. With its torrential water flow, the dam site makes for a wonderful sight. The surrounding natural greenery adds to its beauty. The dam is primarily used for irrigation and hydropower generation for the state government and was one of the first projects of Green Revolution in India.

Ananthagiri hills

If you seeking some real outdoor adventure and want to explore the hills and valleys of Telangana, then Ananthagiri Hills is a great option. At about a two-hour drive from Hyderabad city, you can reach the forested hills of Ananthagiri, on the Eastern Ghats. With majestic hills, veiled by clouds and surrounded by dense foliage, Ananthagiri makes for a scenic retreat from the busy city.

If you are trekking enthusiast, the natural trails and rocky terrain of these hills will give you an open ground to explore. As you walk along the mountain slopes, you can smell the scintillating aroma of coffee from the nearby plantations, or the wildflowers growing around in abundance. The Katiki Waterfall, Musi River, Borra hills, and caves, are few of the notable, natural landmarks that you must visit in Ananthagiri. There is also the Araku Tribal Museum which houses archeological findings of the early tribes of this region. You can also explore the art, culture, and tradition of the native tribes of Eastern Ghats.

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