Sri Lanka Activities And Attractions

From spending time on the beautiful, tropical beaches to discovering ancient ruins or joining a wildlife safari tour, the small island of Sri Lanka is a holiday destination that offers numerous fun activities for tourists.

Beach Activities In Sri Lanka

With hundreds of kilometers of beautiful beaches, Sri Lanka is an amazing holiday destination for families who love to spend their vacation on the beach. The perfect weather, the warm water and the possibility to see swimming dolphins make the beaches in Sri Lanka loved by people from all over the world.

Fishing is another popular activity among tourists who can find accommodation in authentic villages that will give them the opportunity to discover and experience the lifestyle of the island’s inhabitants.

Water Activities In Sri Lankajet skiing

Those who get bored easily can experience a wide range of water activities in Sri Lanka. Many locations around the island offer the opportunity of enjoying kite boarding, jet skiing and surfing all year round.

Those who want to surf, should visit Arugambay, a destination that is considered one of the best in the world or Hikkaduwa, a town in the Southern Province that is a popular surf destination on the island.

One of the best places for kite surfing in Sri Lanka is Kalpitiya. This location is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and the Kalpitiya lagoon and it is an amazing place for kite surfing due to the perfect weather conditions, warm waters and perfect waves.

Underwater Activities In Sri Lanka

Travelers who want to discover the underwater land can witness parts of Sri Lanka’s history if they embark in diving tours. Sri Lanka is known for the numerous wrecks that hide deep under water. Godawaya, for example, is a ship that has more than 2000 years, but this mesmerizing ancient ship is not the only wreck that can be visited by divers. The marine life and the beautiful corals are also good reasons tourists should try this activity when they are on the island.

Birding In Sri LankaBirding In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a great destination for birders who can admire endemic species and migrants that visit the island on a regular basis. Home to more than 430 bird species, the island has a lot of spectacular birding spots. Birding enthusiasts can visit the national parks of Sri Lanka and Sinharaja Forest Reserve to admire the bird species that can be seen only on the island.

Air Activities In Sri Lanka

Another great activity to enjoy in Sri Lanka is hot air ballooning, a breathtaking experience that allows tourists to fly over the cultural triangle or above the national parks while admiring incredible landscapes with lakes and beaches.

Visiting The Cultural Triangle In Sri Lanka

The ancient history of the island extends from underwater to land and it has many hidden treasures that fascinate travelers. The temples, the sculptures, the monasteries and other landmarks in Sri Lanka are more than 2000 years old and they tell stories of different eras. Buddhism had major influences on the island’s culture and discovering the places of worship inspired by the Buddhist lifestyle is an amazing experience for those who are fascinated by the history of religions.

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