Nature’s bounty, beautiful beaches, mesmerizing parks, friendly people and vibrant culture are the key Denmark tourist attractions for the travel lovers. Though, Denmark is one of the best travel destinations, it becomes even more magnificent and delightful during the winters as it readies itself to welcome the Christmas and New Year festivities. This nation is considered to be the happiest place on this globe and hence it acquires even more significance in the travel destination wish lists of the avid travelers. Denmark offers a wide array of options for various travelers and hence it is quite a task to list down the Top 10 Best Denmark Tourist Attractions; nevertheless, an attempt has been made to list down the not to be missed Denmark tourist attractions.

Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen

Residence to the Denmark’s Royalty, Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen is of special interest to the travelers to Denmark. An extremely popular Denmark tourist attraction, Amalienborg Palace is an architectural marvel with four identical Palace facades around an octagonal courtyard. Guarded by the Royal Life Guards thru day and night, the changing of guards daily is a not to be missed event while visiting the Amalienborg Palace. Make sure to have it included in your travel list while travelling to Denmark.

The Old Town of Arhus, Denmark

Visit this beautiful city of Arhus for a walk down the memory lane and to enjoy the old world charm in the lanes of this historic city. This historic Denmark tourist attraction is a must visit for its rich heritage of striking houses, small shops and many such minor details that will catch the eye of the discerning traveler while strolling in the by-lanes of this wonderful destination. In case you are visiting the old town of Arhus during January till March, be assured of a 50% discount on the entry fee for adults and a complete waiver for children under 18.

The Island of Bornholm

The ‘Pearl of the Baltic’ or Bornholm is a stunning Danish island located to the south of Sweden and east of Denmark in the Baltic Sea. Gifted with pristine beaches, this exquisite Denmark tourist attraction boasts of the rich architecture of the 18th century. One can soak in the scenic beauty of the beaches lazily cycling on the numerous bicycle paths dotting the landscape of this beautiful island. Bornholm is well connected by Air and water both. One could just fly to Ronne-Bornholm Airport or take a ferry to the island. Travelling within the island is also very convenient with bicycles, Danish taxis and the Bornholm buses plying everywhere.

The Beaches in Denmark

While on a vacation to Denmark, do not miss to schedule a visit to one of the beaches on the coastline of Denmark. Pack your swimming gear and beachwear to truly enjoy a swim in one of these numerous Denmark tourist attractions. Summer or winter, visit to the scenic coastline of this beautiful Nordic country is a must-do for all the travelers. The coastal landscapes that change from one locale to another are a visual delight and is truly relished by the avid and novice photographers alike. You might also surprise yourself by bumping into one of the World War II bunkers and lighthouses while on a visit to these Denmark tourist attractions.

The Kronborg Castle near Halsingor

Inspiration to Shakespeare’s ‘Elsinore’ in his famous play Hamlet, the Kronborg Castle near Halsingor is one of the top travel destinations for the millions of travelers visiting the Denmark tourist attractions every year. Located at the northernmost tip of Zealand, a Danish island, Kronborg Castle is included in most of the popular tour’s itinerary including the Hamlet Castle Tour and the North Zealand Castle Tour.

The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen

Visit to Denmark cannot be complete if one does not visit the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen. True to its name, this destination is one of the smallest, yet the most charming and unusual Denmark tourist attraction. The Little Mermaid is just 4 feet tall and sits pretty on a granite resting close to the shore of the cruise harbor, ‘Langelinie’. A visit to the Little Mermaid casts a spell on you and remains vivid in your memories for the lifetime.

The Original Legoland in Billund

One of the oldest ‘Legoland’ by far, the original Legoland in Billund opened in 1968 and has continued to enthrall millions of travelers visiting this wonderful manmade Denmark tourist attraction ever since. Visit this amazing fun destination for numerous attractions, exhibits and rides for all age groups and relive the fantasies of the child in you.

The Oresund Bridge Connecting Denmark and Sweden

The Oresund Bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden is an engineering marvel built over a decade by the governments of Denmark and Sweden. This 10 mile long bridge connects the two nations and transports over 6000 travelers every day. One has to experience this marvel to truly appreciate the humongous human effort and grit that has been put behind this Denmark tourist attraction. Do not miss it for anything.

The Stroget in Copenhagen

No vacation is complete without shopping and what best than the Stroget in Copenhagen. It is Denmark’s and one of Europe’s longest shopping streets. A pedestrian street, this shopping destination boasts of innumerable international labels and native design shops. An extremely popular Denmark tourist attraction, Stroget is a hub for the shopaholic traveler. One looking for value and bargain should commence their trip from the Radhuspladsen end of the Stroget.

The Tivoli Park in Copenhagen

The Tivoli Park in Copenhagen is yet another must-visit family destination for each one of the traveler visiting this beautiful Nordic country. Having opened in the 1843, this amusement park is the world’s second oldest operating amusement park. Visit this popular Denmark tourist attraction for its calm and scenic parks, adventure and fun filled rides and gastronomical delights, all packaged into a single destination.

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