Top Reasons Why Ski Holidays with Friends Are the Best

Ski holidays are fun but are best when taken with friends in tow! The term ‘The more the merrier’ really works when it comes to ski trips. The best skiing experience is about who you are with as well as where you are and bringing along your mates will make it the best experience.

From taunting or encouraging each other on the slopes to partying together afterwards. There are plenty of reasons to get your friends together for a ski break soon!

Plan together

There’s a certain element of fun and anticipation when planning a ski break with friends. Choosing the right destination can be difficult but favourites include Switzerland and the French Alps. Although exciting there can also be a lot of input if your group is large.

The best thing to do is set a budget and a date then give a few options for the group to choose from without opening it up for a huge debate. This way at least you will actually get where you want to be!

Learn together

Even if you are complete novices, learning is all the more enjoyable with friends. Booking group lessons and helping each other learn will make the experience a much more memorable one. With encouragement from your friends you are sure to improve quickly and have great fun whilst learning too.

A week of half day lessons can cost around 400 Euros per person including passes and insurance when booking as a group. Make sure you all book together so you have the same lessons! If you shop around you could even find a great group discount too, prices are frequently changing!

Stay together

Renting a chalet or holiday home together can not only be fun but also keep your costs down by dividing them with friends. You may even get a group discount if you book in bulk. Many of the bigger chalets have beautiful interiors and are in a perfect location to get straight onto the slopes.

Prices vary greatly though so it is best to check out accommodation deals well in advance Alpine Elements have some good deals when it comes to group Ski holidays.

You will also get to plan your days, eat and relax together in a home from home environment. If you don’t feel like cooking, you can even book a catered stay in some resorts. Best of all you get to recount the days antics around a warm fire in the evening.

Just make sure you set some house rules before you go!

Share equipment

If you aren’t all going to ski at the same time, then it would make sense to share your equipment. Or maybe there are some of your group who are seasoned skiers whilst others are not that keen.

Pooling your resources is a good way to save you money or make sure you have the best quality gear on the slopes. As airline fees to check ski equipment is on the rise it may work out cheaper to rent once you get there.

If you all need equipment at the same time, you can always hire as a group. Again, discounts may be offered if you are renting or borrowing a lot of equipment all in one go.

Get competitive

There’s nothing like a bit of friendly rivalry to make you push yourself further. Whether in teams or every man or woman for themselves you will find lots of ways to make your trip more exciting when competing with friends. The banter will continue long after you get home too!

Set yourselves tasks, goals and play games together. This keeps the fun going throughout the day and you’ll forget all about just how tired you get from all that skiing.

Be aware of the groups abilities though and always be safe. It’s not so fun if one of your group ends up injured.

Play together

We’ve all heard of the Après Ski right? Well this might be the best part of a ski holiday with your friends and exactly together you can enjoy exactly what Après -Ski was invented for.

After an exhilarating day, wind down and relax with your mates – or maybe party like there’s no tomorrow? The best Après Ski bars have great music, beers and hot drinks to sip whilst you recount the days’ tales.

Good old group bonding

It may have been a while since your friends got together and sometimes everyday life can just get in the way. So taking a ski trip together could be the perfect opportunity to catch up and re-bond with your closest friends.

Record your exploits

With the advanced video cameras, readily available nowadays many skiers record their own runs using body worn equipment. Even better when with friends, you can record each other and never miss a moment be it awesome or funny!

What’s even better is you get to watch it back all over again when you get home and relive your experience, this time on the big screen.

Other group activities

There’s not only skiing, having friends with you will mean you can enjoy other activities a winter holiday has to offer.

A wealth of other sports opportunities open up to you when you travel with friends. Take advantage of regular activities such a tennis, football or basketball, all a bit easier when you’ve brought your own team along. Or try outdoor sports such as hiking, snow-shoeing or mountain biking, a real adventure when you go together as friends.

Ski with a Friend and Buddy tickets.

In some resorts if you buy a ski season pass your friends have the opportunity to buy discounted tickets when they ski with you.

Ski with a Friend tickets are discounted tickets which change price throughout the season based on demand periods. Buddy Tickets are discounted tickets with a flat price set at the beginning of the season that does not change.

These deals will only help your group if you have an avid skier within your midst who has bought themselves a season pass, but it is worth remembering!

And relax

All that skiing and partying can take its toll and what better way to finish your ski break than relaxing with your group. Spas are readily available at ski resorts and you will definitely welcome a massage, treatment and unwinding after a few days of skiing.

Saunas and steam rooms can be a bit daunting in big resorts if you are visiting on your own, so going with friends will make it a lot easier and more comfortable too. You certainly will deserve it.

Skiing with friends is great but there are other benefits to skiing too. It is an excellent all over body workout and can actually relieve stress and banish those winter blues. This is why so many people are taking to the slopes during winter, fresh air, exercise and a whole lot of feel good factor.

If you don’t want to take a ski break with your friends after reading this post then it’s extremely surprising. There are so many reasons, from saving money to having the time of your lives together. Why aren’t you booking your next trip right now?

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