Tourist Attractions in Atlanta

If you are looking for the best tourist destination for your holidays, Atlanta is the perfect option to spend your bugs and time. The following are the tourist attractions in Atlanta that must be visited once in your lifetime.

Georgia Aquarium

Georgia AquariumGeorgia Aquarium has the honor of being the largest in the Western Hemisphere, and before it had been crushed by the tank in Singapore, it had been the biggest within the world. Variety of particularly notable species is found here, as well as beluga whales and manta rays. This aquarium is the only location outside of Asia where a whale shark, the world’s largest fish, is found. It’s divided into 5 ecoregions, as well as tropical reefs, open ocean, arctic waters, fresh rivers and huge marine mammals. As a part of a conservation project, the aquarium has been performing on a captive beluga whale breeding program, although a successful calving has not yet been achieved.

World of Coca-Cola

For anyone who has ever wondered what Coca-Cola tastes like in each nation of the planet, this is often the place to travel. One amongst the top attractions in Atlanta, a new museum was revamped and settled in 2007 to house a larger collection of company paraphernalia. Sixty years of jingles, ads dating back to the 1800’s, and a 4-D movie experience are just a few of the things to experience here. One amongst the most important attracts here is that the updated tasting room that not only permits guests to find the well-liked formula versions from totally different parts of the planet, in addition as rare local drinks via their customized freestyle machine.

CNN Center

CNN CenterThe world’s best-known news franchise deserves a headquarter just as spectacular, and in this case, the CNN center definitely delivers. The center connects to a large food court atrium, which is shared by Centennial Olympic Park, Phillips Arena, the Georgia Dome, and the Georgia Conference Center. There are studio tours available, which include demonstrations of the technology used and visits to viewing galleries overlooking the newsrooms and newsreaders of CNN. There is a large, attached hotel where guests can stay, especially those hoping to get a sneak peek at their favorite newscaster or special guest to the studios.

Fox Theatre

Originally planned as a Moorish architecture Shrine temple, the Fox Theatre ultimately developed as a lavish movie theater. It later became a performing arts theater, and continues to host the Atlanta Ballet, traveling Broadway events, and some music concerts. The theatre is a draw even for those that aren’t planning to see a show, because the combined Egyptian and Islamic architecture creates a spectacle that is worth taking a tour. The theater within is designed like an Arabian courtyard, complete with a twinkling crystal sparkling sky. There is also a large ballroom designed after the temple of Ramses II, and the mezzanine for the women’s’ restroom has King Tut’s throne and little sphinxes on the makeup tables.Fox Theatre

Image by Keith Allison,tanjila,Philip Leara,psyberartist Under Creative Common License.


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