3 Tips for First Overseas Hunting Trips

Hunting at home and abroad are two very different experiences. Going on your first overseas hunting trip can be as exhilarating as it can be confusing. Plus, when it’s not planned properly, it could eventually lead to deception. However, when you’ve prepared correctly, you can make your first hunting trip the experience of a lifetime. Here a few tips for people planning their first overseas hunting trip.

Pack Carefully

Bring the right clothes depending on the location you’ll be in. Make sure that you check the climate of the country you’ll be visiting during the period you’ll be there. Plan for sunny and rainy days, and consider the environment you’ll be hunting in. For instance, if you’ll be hunting in dense forests, then you should buy clothes that will cover you completely from neck to feet to protect yourself from insect bites. Sites like woodburyoutfitters.com offer outdoor and hunting apparel for all climates and conditions.

Make Sure That You Know Everything There is to Know About Your Destination

Understanding the logistics of the place you’re going to visit is essential if you want to know what to expect. You should know everything you can about the hunting culture where you’re going, the best spots and destinations, the type of game you’ll have access to, rules and regulations, etc. Every nation has its own set of rules regarding firearms and hunting, so make sure that you know them in detail for the type of hunting you’re going to do. You also have to know which type of game you’ll be able to bring home with you.

Most countries have a list of species that are protected. Some might be more lax than others, and this might be what you’re looking. However, these countries also have a tendency of being lax on a variety of issues as well, so beware of that. And if you do decide to go somewhere where rules are strict, you might suffer some severe consequences or even jail time in some cases, so that’s not something you should be taking lightly.

If you’re going to Africa, for instance, most countries will limit hunting on large species. However, some guides may offer you a chance to hunt illegally. If a tour guide just happens to extend this offer to you, we strongly advise against it if you don’t want to have your license revoked and to face severe fines or even incarceration.

Make Sure You Remain Healthy

If you decide to visit an underdeveloped country for your trip, then you may want to take certain precautions. For instance, there may be certain diseases the West do not have to deal with, so be vigilant on having your jabs before you leave. You should also be careful with food and drink. You might be tempted by various street foods and local eateries, but be careful what you consume. You’d be better off drinking bottled water and refraining from eating street foods altogether. You could also bring water purifying tablets as well for good measure.

By planning properly, you’ll be able to increase the chances of your first hunting trip being a success. Make sure that you double check everything before you leave and make sure that you’ll be in good hands once you get to your destination.

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  1. I agree that you would want to consider what the protected species list is in the country that you are hunting in. It would be good to consider this because it would show that they are experienced. My brother is considering a hunting trip, so he’ll have to know the protected species list.

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