Didn’t Know Barcelona Had A Thriving Nightlife? Find Out More And Where To Go!

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful and thriving cities in the world, and is home to nearly five million Catalans, as well as a diverse community of international travellers. Second only to Madrid as the biggest city in Spain, millions of people travel here every year to experience the amazing culture, excellent food and bustling nightlife.

Barcelona is the largest metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea, and it became the most important city of the Crown of Argon after being founded by the Romans. Not only does Barcelona have a rich cultural history, but it’s also a modern day hub for architecture, reflected by its various UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Having hosted the summer Olympics in 1992, the city is also the home of FC Barcelona, the greatest football club in the world.

With major influences in education, commerce, media, entertainment, science, fashion and the arts, Barcelona is ranked 3rd in the world most successful branded cities. Over 35 million people travel through the city’s major airport, Barcelona International, every year, any many of these tourists come to experience the thriving nightlife. Let’s take a look at some of the best places to go on a night out in Barcelona.

Be Cool

Be Cool is a snazzy underground music venue tucked away from the main stretch of clubs and bars in the city centre. Only the coolest hipsters attend nights here, and with some of the biggest bands in the world beginning their early careers on this stage, Be Cool really is the highlight of the alternative Barcelona club scene. Not only are the line-ups impressive, but it is the simple details that make this club impressive – take the revolving dance floor for example!

Sala Apolo and La

Sala Apolo Didn’t Know Barcelona Had A Thriving Nightlife? Find Out More And Where To Go!
El público (I) – Moreno del Metal en Sala Apolo, Barcelona. CC Image by Gerard Girbes (Flickr).
With the DJs at the centre stage, and enthusiastic music lovers pouring out over the standing stalls, Sala Apolo and La is one of the hottest bars in Barcelona. Mondays are for pop-rock, Tuesdays are for indie-electro, Wednesdays are for root music and the rest of the week is for partying to the biggest tunes in the charts, so it’s no wonder this place is always packed!

If you’re looking for something a bit heavier, then Thursday is the night when the best Djs in the city come together and play the deepest and darkest bass tunes known to man. With cocktails galore available until the early hours of the morning, Sala Apolo and La bar is a certain must see when visiting Barcelona.

Macarena Club

This club is an underground and alternative gem, offering the latest up-and-coming DJs from all over Europe. With the main booth on the middle of the dance floor, you might end up standing on the DJs’ toes when things get overexcited – but don’t let this put you off, because the Macarena Club is always an experience to remember. This bar screams non-commercial, so if you like the dance music that’s not played on the radio, then this is the place to be. Open until 5am and serving excelling beers and cocktails all night, this club is a raver’s paradise.

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