Botswana is an amazing destination for travel. The Kalahari is a stunning sight, while the warm, welcoming people will help you feel right at home. No matter what you intend to do in the country, you will need to find the best accommodations for your needs. Botswana boasts numerous hotel and some of the best resorts in the world. Visiting can help you find the best price for your stay.

Deception Valley Lodge

Located just outside of the Okavango Delta, this luxury resort offers you a unique way to experience an adventurous safari on the Kalahari. Bushmen guides, luxury accommodations and the best service in the area, you’ll find that this hotel is an incredible experience. Cultural walks to meet the Bushmen, hunting and training classes with native hunters, Victorian style suites and all the best amenities await you here.

Kubu Lodge

Located on the banks of the Chobe River, the Kubu Lodge offers you several chalets with thatched roofs and raised platforms. You’ll enjoy incredible vies of the river, as well as ceiling fans, mosquito nets, coffeemakers and a host of other amenities. The on-property restaurant serves the best local and international cuisine, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is also a bar located on property, as well as a small gift shop.

Muchenje Safari Lodge

If you are planning a safari in Botswana, you’ll find few better options than staying with the Muchenje Safari Lodge. This beautiful resort offers you lounges, bars and panoramic views of the area. Communal dining is done in a railway sleeper car, retrofitted to be an informal restaurant. You will enjoy walking safaris through the area, river cruises on the Chobe River and a wide diversity of African wildlife, including crocodiles, hippos, lions and a wide diversity of birds.

Walmont at the Grand Palm This luxury resort has nothing to do with safaris, though you can find them easily from the hotel. Located in Gaborone, the hotel offers modern amenities to visitors, as well as numerous ways to enjoy your stay. Buffet dining is the rule in the hotel, while you can enjoy an outdoor pool. Watch out for the wildlife; monkeys enjoy visiting the pool for a frolic with unsuspecting travelers. Internet access is available in all rooms, as well as in-room safes, comfortable bedding and a location in the heart of the city.

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