Things to do in El Salvador in 2023

This small and most densely populated country of Central America is a relatively unexplored tourist destination and in this fact lies El Salvador’s attraction. As per recent reports, every year El Salvador gets half of the tourists visiting Costa Rica and only two-thirds of the neighboring Guatemala. But that does not mean that El Salvador does not have enough tourist attractions. El Salvador enjoys the Pacific coastline and has a distinction of being the only Central American country with no Caribbean coastline. Surfing has emerged as a popular El Salvador attraction in the recent years. The geography of the country, its size and the urbanization lend a distinct and definitive tourist landscape to this country that does not thrive on nature-themed destinations. Beaches and the nightlife are the two most promising El Salvador attractions for the travelers. The busiest of the El Salvador attractions is never too crowded for a travelers and that allows them to enjoy the places at leisure.

Things to do in El Salvador

Things to do in El Salvador

San Salvador

The largest city of El Salvador is San Salvador and is also the capital of this Central American country. This city has plenty of art and culture to offer to the travelers thru its museums and cultural sites. The prominent El Salvador attractions include the Museum of Words and Images, the Military Museum, the Children Museum and the Museum of Popular art. One can schedule a couple of days to visit these while traveling to El Salvador on a vacation. A visit to these museums is sure to ignite the intellectual fire in the traveler’s mind. With a hilly terrain, San Salvador has its airport 30 miles away. A stopover to this major El Salvador attraction is a must, since San Salvador is the hub of cultural heritage and tourist activity. This highly urbanized city offers an active nightlife and eating out avenues as the most popular El Salvador attractions to the tourists. Travelers to this modern city love to explore the intellectual and gastronomical delights.

Ruta de las Flores

Lonely planet has ranked the stretch of road between Ahuachapan and Sonsonate blooming with flowers in El Salvador as the best experience in the country. Ruta de las Flores gets its name from the sea of wild flowers that are in full bloom on this stretch especially during the dry seasons between October and February. So, make sure you plan your visit to this beautiful paradise during these months. However, this place is on the list of El Salvador attractions not only because of these wild flowers, the small colonial style towns, coffee plantations and the warm and friendly locals add to the charm of this El Salvador attraction. The travelers with adventure on their mind can also visit this destination for some adventure sports – hiking, most prominently.

Things to do in El SalvadorEl Imposible

Does the name El Imposible, a El Salvador attraction give it all away? Well, do not take the name too literally. The El Imposible National park has taken its name from the extremely dangerous gorge that is infamous for claiming the life of many coffee transporters treading past this area. It is definitely one of the most difficult to navigate terrain, but certainly not impossible. This tropical rainforest and the national park of El Salvador is on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative Lists because it is home to some extraordinary species of flora and fauna. Founded in 1989, this adventurous El Salvador attraction has been partially developed with well-marked and well defined hiking trails thru the forest and over many rivers. If you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the mighty Pacific Ocean while on one of your hiking trips in this untouched El Salvador attraction. This amazing park is maintained by Salva Natura, ( In case you love the nature, this destination should be on high on your priority list to visit while on vacation to El Salvador.

Punta Roca

The ultimate destination for the surfers, Punta Roca is barely 40 minutes drive from San Salvador. Ideal for an easy day trip, this magnificent beach is undoubtedly the most favored El Salvador attraction. Evidently, Punta Roca is quite a busy destination and draws tourists and locals alike. Lonely Planet describes, Punta Roca as, ‘one of the best right-point breaks in the world’. Another apt adjective given to this El Salvador attraction, by Lonley Planet is ”un escondite en el tropico” meaning, a tropical hideaway. Surfing is the major attraction at this stunning beach. One can spot experts surfing the waves and the not so initiated lounging lazily on this beautiful beach, undoubtedly the most favored El Salvador attractions. In case you are a novice or a beginner, you could rent a board and book some lessons from the numerous resorts along the beach. Ideal for sunbathers, this beach overlooks the beautiful site of the mighty Pacific Ocean.

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