Enjoy the Breathtaking Views of Chicago

Chicago Northwest is home to some of Chicagoland’s most renowned attractions. The diversity is astounding; one day you might be cheering on a knight while eating dinner with your hands, and the next you’ll be feeling like a kid again building a skyscraper with LEGOS. By the end of the weekend, you’ll be ready to relax at a charming winery with a full glass in hand. When you’re on the edge, you really can do it all.


Visit Millennium and Grant Park

The famous bean of Chicago is a must see architectural design, and the Buckingham Fountain is an extremely large and scenic fountain that can sometimes even get you wet if it is windy enough! These parks can be a nice resting place to walk around or sit down at, and a place to catch your breath from all of the spectacular attractions one could see in Chicago.

Go to the Navy Pier

The Navy Pier offers many different activities that will please everyone in the family. There are several places to eat and shop, as well as an amusement park to have loads of fun. Try the Ferris wheel, which offers amazing views of Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline, but watch out, it gets awfully windy the higher you get! Also, the pier offers a fantastic fireworks show over Lake Michigan on certain nights.


Other Attractions in Chicago

The Windy City is more than just big sports stadiums and amazing museums. Second City – one of the world’s premier improve comedy theatres has been delighting audiences for more than 50 years. Also located on the north side of the city is the Lincoln Park Zoo. On the south side of town the Willis Tower, which is formerly known as the Sears Tower – and the Pillar of Fire are must see destinations.

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Explore all the places and have a blast in your trip.

Image by dhilungPicsofABCatuncia under CC License.


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